2015 Halloween House Tour


Hey there Peeps! I’m sharing some sights from our home this Halloween season. I do so love the holiday and I’ve  been busy finding just the right spots for my treasured seasonal decor. I love all things vintagy so that’s the theme for most of my goodies and handcrafted too.  I hope you enjoy this tour of our living room where I have concentrated on decorating.  I have more bins to put out…but this is the contents of the ones I cared to carry up the stairs.

The Halloween Tree….

I’ve shared a few sneak peeks of the tree with some of the handcrafted Halloweeny items I had in our shop. I’m happy to say they have all found their new forever homes..so I better get busy and create more!

2015 Halloween House Tour 11This tree is just the right size to display by the fireplace in front of the piano….which for some reason my DH moved into the living room where we usually display our big 10 ft tree at Christmas time….but for now this tree can be in front.

2015 Halloween House Tour 12Black and orange ornaments re purposed from a country style tree I used to put up. A little spray paint goes a long way!

2015 Halloween House Tour 13At the top of the tree the bead garland is mostly undisturbed. At the bottom of the tree The Nibbler (AKA the big fat cat Scooter) has been munching on it so I’ve had to squish the loops up into the branches.  Scooter is a bad bad boy!!!!

2015 Halloween House Tour 14I’ve mixed in a good amount of handcrafted vintagy items with crepe fringe, tinsel trims and seasonal ribbon and flowers.

2015 Halloween House Tour 15Fun mesh was a great way to fill in this tree which we ordered this year and was not quite what we were hoping for. It claimed to be 6ft….but unless I’ve grown a foot it can’t be as tall as it promised since I could see the top of it without being on a chair.  We assembled it on top of a box that I covered in burlap to make it look a bit larger.

2015 Halloween House Tour 16We added rope lights to a tree for the first time this year and I’m quite happy with the soft glow it gives the inside of the tree and also keeps the tiny bulbs away from The Nibbler.

2015 Halloween House Tour 17I try to group smaller glass balls in 3’s attached with a pipe cleaner…..since larger ornaments are so much more expensive..this is a great way to stretch the budget. That awesome little pumpkin basket was a generous gift from my dear friend Bobbie who shares my affinity for vintage.

The Mantle……

I kept the color scheme in blacks and whites and silver for the mantle since there’s so much color going on the tree and shelves.  I also wanted something to coordinate with the subway art prints that I love. They do double duty as display and to conceal a super huge gigantic mirror that I do not like. I added a Halloween netted mantle scarf picked up on sale at the craft store which helps to break up the hard edge of the wood mantle.

2015 Halloween House Tour 10Just a simple collection of glittery skulls, candle holders, and funky lamps finished off with a feather boa trim and creepy black and silver paint. Difficult to see…but there’s a few crows tucked in because it’s not Halloween without crows or ravens. I have some fabulous white grunge pumpkins that are missing despite me moving everything I could in the storage room to look for them : ( They would have been an awesome addition to this display…..oh well maybe next year I’ll find them.

The Bookshelves….

We have a great set of bookshelves on either side of the living room fireplace…..which is a blessing and a curse for me as I suffer from Extreme Surface Abuse….a condition that makes me want to fill every surface with stuff making things look really cluttered and messy…so I really do have to step back and edit. I’m finding that I really do like less as more so I will be a recovering surface abuser looking for a 12 step program. Thanks to Kenny my DH for helping me get the camera setting adjusted so I could take better pictures. Now if he’ll just put the settings back I can go back to using my light box for my project pics.

2015 Halloween House Tour 1Three out of 4 shelves.  I mixed in lots of handcrafted Halloweenies along with vintagy finds and many gifts from my peeps!

2015 Halloween House Tour 7Stacked paper mache boxes, pumpkins in hats, some little carved cat bats and large flowers .

2015 Halloween House Tour 8These cheeky characters just make me happy. Especially the little hat and pumpkin pail the smiling black cat is sporting.  The tin boy on the left is part of a set…the girl is lost with the white pumpkins grrrrrr.

2015 Halloween House Tour 9More Halloween characters because who doesn’t need a cat with a hat on a pumpkin on a boo box???? I daresay no one doesn’t want that!!!!

2015 Halloween House Tour 6

Graphic 45 holds center stage on this shelf with a large house all decked out with An Eerie Tale papers and polka dots.

2015 Halloween House Tour 3Pumpkins in top hats? Don’t mind if I do! A Steampunk Spells assemblage a a fun little painted gourd from my very wonderful friend Annie.

2015 Halloween House Tour 2I created this little house on the right from Crafty Secret supplies and displayed it with another cat in a hat. Is there a theme building here??? Maybe lol. I also have to give a shout out to the bobble head witches in checkered boxs because they are awesome in every way!

2015 Halloween House Tour 4More Graphic 45 on this shelf and a super fun primitive bowl gift from Jennifer….my lovely quilting friend.  There’s a weird little painted pumpkin-gourd thing..not sure exactly what it is…but it was painted by my lil guy Alexander when he was a pipsqueak.  The two figures are new this year..not that I needed them…but they somehow got in the cart when I wasn’t looking. That’s my story anyway.

2015 Halloween House Tour 5I anchored the other side of the shelf with a very blingy and tag covered spooky wreath.

2015 Halloween House Tour 20Bottom shelf has more handcrafted items that I thought may not appeal to The Nibbler. So far so good….but maybe just because he’s been focused on the tree?

2015 Halloween House Tour 18Very dapper skull wearing the latest in Graphic 45 printed papers, ribbon trims and handmade flowers. There’s also a little notebook in front of a spooky tree.

2015 Halloween House Tour 19Little ghosts with a Boo greeting, a shadow box frame, and some flowers that I painted and replaced some of the blooms with tiny skulls.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our collection. I’m a happy Halloween camper getting to walk through the living room and admiring the items that were gifts from friends and handmade items from my shop.  Okay that’s all for me..wishing you all a spooktacular day filled with Halloween fun and lots of time to be creative : ) G


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  1. Oh my gosh! You did a fantastic job Ginny! I absolutely love every vintage spooky detail. Scooter sounds like our naughty cat Felix. So frustrating but you can’t help but love them still.

  2. And they thought I decorated for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Etc. You bet me to hands down. I just Love Love Love your Décor. Now I live in Brighton Mi. Where oh Where is y our shop??
    Love your work. Jo-Anne Terranella

  3. In my younger days, this is how I decorated my home for each and every holiday. As I have grown older, I grew weary of all the work it takes to do this type of wonderful decorating. So, I decided to donate the majority of my treasures to my favorite charity resale stores. A good cause will receive monetary benefit and another family will find joy in a “newly found treasure.” Loved seeing the photos of your displays…wonderful eye candy!!!

  4. Thanks so much, Ginny, for sharing your Halloween treasures. Bootiful inspiration. Hugs from Kansas! You’re the best, dear friend.
    Sandy Spaw

  5. OK…you win the prize…I don’ tk now anyone who loves Halloween more than you do! What an amazing (and fun) array of Halloween goodies! Wow!

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