Easter Card for a Chilly Morning


Hey there Peeps..I’m just dropping in from the frozen North to share a little sunshine in the way of a warm and cheerful card. It’s forecast to be about a gagillion degrees below zero with the windchill so you know I will be staying in my studio thinking thoughts of sitting on the beach with a festive beverage and lots of sunscreen on!

IMG_4940See I told you it would warm you right up : ) I created this card with layers of pretty patterned papers, Images from my new Easter Kids Button Card Digital Collage and fun embellies to finish it off. This collage has 6 adorable Eater images so you can make up a stack of festive holiday cards, or scrapbook, or use them for tags for a tasty homemade treat : )

IMG_4941This super poof bow is created with the most scrumptious trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon. There’s Yellow Chevron Striped Twill, Forsythia Seam Binding, and Ivory Burlap String. I also added a Sweetheart Bloom in Pale Yellow to the tag.


 Easter Kids Button Cards Digital Collage…

Vintage Inspired Sunny Yellow Easter Greeting Card

Okay…I’m off to bundle up and try to stay warm….wishing you all a happy and productive day with lot’s of time to be creative : ) G

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  1. Polly Is there a certain way you tie your bows? They always look so “plump” and perfect. Thank you sharing all your ideas. LE

  2. Your card is adorable. We live in Michigan also and are sick of the snow/ice and cold/windy weather. But still, better than Boston. Thought you had a store in Pinkney also???? Was planning to visit, but will have to check out the Dexter store. Edna

  3. What a sweet card. Luckily living in the N.W. we haven’t had much snow at all, AND above average, in some cases well above average temperatures. I also love your bows and I’ve never been able to duplicate them either!!!!

  4. What a beautiful card Ginny!! So warm and inviting. Omgosh I just love your super poofy yellow bow!!! I agree with the ladies above–your bows are the best and I’d love to see how you do it!! The tags are awesome and that image is so sweet. Fabulous as always!!! Hope you have a great week!!! 🙂

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