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Plants In My Yard…..a Beginners Guide


Finally warm enough outside for the plants to start coming in. Here is a brief tour…I do not remember the names of most of these plant-trees. I will refer to them as I call them IRL.

We have a pair of these lovely flowering trees in our front yard. I call them “Bee Food”




Under these trees sound like the revving of motorcycles in the distance…there are hundreds of bees…thankfully I am not afraid of them!

Rabbit Food:


The packaging at the plant store lied….this shrub was only supposed to get to 12 inches across. 

IMG_3426No matter how careful you are…..I will attack you with my thorns shrub:


The ” I can’t remember if I planted these…or are they weeds???”


The reason we have sooo many deer in our yard:


The “You better enjoy them while they last flowering tree…one good wind or rain storm and it’s about to snow pink petals up in here!”

IMG_3448 IMG_3449

The “Shouldn’t these be bigger by now bushes”


Whole lotta purply flowers:


Whole lotta lavender flowers:

IMG_3444Feathered Friends: IMG_4279

IMG_4277 IMG_4334 IMG_4330 IMG_4258

My idea of heaven on earth:


Four legged neighbors:




And last but not least here is a pic of our kitten Lily….who is not a baby anymore…but I thought friend Bobbie would love to see this:

IMG_3936Hope you all are out and about enjoying the warmer season…I know we are!  

Vintage Back to School Card


 Well….like it or not…back to school is right around the corner. I know this because we just got back from  marching band camp meetings at the high school for my youngest. I for one am not ready for summer to be over…I miss my kiddos already. 

Here’s a little card inspired by a vintage school book.


This image is super cute…I don’t remember ever having kittens in the class when I went to grade school lol. I layered my vintage image over pretty patterned papers, added a few tiny paper clips and my favorite Burlap with Red and White Edge.


Isn’t this a very coordinating bow???? There’s something about Red Gingham for school right?

Of course these trims came from Really Reasonable Ribbon..where else lol. Bonnie always has just the right trims for your projects. : )

Okay that’s it for me….I know I’m not the only one holding onto summer for as long as I can.  Maybe if I just don’t accept it …it won’t be over??? LOL That’s me….living in the world of denial.

I hope you all enjoy a happy and productive day and find some time to be creative : ) Huggs Ginny