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Happy Anniversary Beer Carton


Hey there Peeps. I’m dropping in to share a project that is very different for me. It’s not a card…..not a book…not a shadow box.  It’s beer. Yes you heard me right. A 6 pack of bottles of my Hubbies favorite craft beer. Are you asking yourself if Ginny has finally lost it? Well maybe lol…but the beer gifty is for my Hubby for our anniversary. 21 years…how time flies.  I wanted to to make it a little more special so I used my Good Ol’ Sport papers to dress up the carton.

Anniversary Gift 1It just so happened that the carton was mostly black…so I decided to take advantage of that and use it as a border. This saved me from trying to wrap the corners around a not so square package.

Anniversary Gift 2I finished the carton on all sides.  I thought it might be put into use as a pen holder when the drinkies are gone. Or maybe it could hold all those little weirdo cords we need to plug the devices into the computer?  The carton had est 1997 on it and I thought that was a fun little detail….also I didn’t want to measure and cut that odd angle at the top.

Anniversary Gift 3I added a fair few foam spacers…..the dimension helps to bring out the layers.

Anniversary Gift 4I liked the idea of an all sport theme….so I added them all lol.

Anniversary Gift 5Covering the top was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be….I really wanted to cover the cardboard carton on the inside too so it would have a finished look inside and out.  Just for fun I added some tickets to the bottles.   I think my hubby would encourage me to do a tutorial on this project…especially if it gets him more fancy beer lol.

Supplies List

Graphic 45 Good Ol’ Sport~Big Score

Graphic 45 Good Ol’ Sport~Play Ball

Graphic 45 Good Ol’ Sport~Touchdown

Graphic 45 Good Ol’ Sport~Game Day

Graphic 45 Good Ol’ Sport~ Number 1 Fan

Graphic 45 Good Ol’ Sport~ Good Ol’ Sport

Graphic 45 Good Ol’ Sport~ Good Ol’ Sport Stickers

Seems like a long time since I’ve made a project that didn’t have bows and flowers right?  I’m showing my sportier side lol.

Okay that’s all for me except to wish Kenny a very happy Anniversary. I hope you have a fabulous day at work. I’ll be with the Teen Peeps getting all the back to school stuff settled..then off to tennis and maybe a  lunch date with Jonathan and his best friend Dylan( my other kid from another Mother lol) I’m also wishing all of you a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G


Hooray Hooray for Football Feasting


Enjoying the game and commercials tonight with a fabulous feast and some festive beverages!  We are taking advantage of unseasonably warm nice weather to grill our dinner and of course it’s vegan so it’s good for us too! : )

For the kiddo’s…..

Nacho’s with lot’s of toppings and blue corn chips!

For the Grown ups……

Grilled mushroom caps with red peppers and onions on a nice crusty ciabatta  roll and sweet potato fries on the side. Wash it down with a tasty locally brewed stout. There was also grilled corn on the cob…..but we were in a hurry to settle in for the kickoff so it didn’t make it into the picture.

For those who still have room for dessert…

Chocolate zucchini muffins!! Hooray for dessert!!!! : )

Poor Scooter is too tired to enjoy the fun. I can’t imagine why…all he does is sleep and eat all day. Will have to give him a good brushing tomorrow…he’s looking a little poofy.

Lily’s not coming out of her little house. She must not like football. She does love her little red blankie though : )

Thanks to #1 son Alex who helped me get the pics of our dinner. He was excellent quality control when he wiped the side of the dish and said Gordon Ramsey wouldn’t be happy if we had a messy plate. LOL Such a good boy. : )

Hope you all enjoy your Superbowl festivities and make it home safely if you partied away from home.