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Sand on the Seashore Shadow Box for Lindsey


Hey there Paper Peeps! Ginny here with an extra special project I created as a gift for my Daughter in Law for her Birthday. The story behind this project is our first vacation we took all together after she joined our family. We went on holiday to the beach as we do for Christmas and had a wonderful time. She and I happened into a craft store and she found a little package of glass bottles and she mentioned how much she liked them. A light bulb went off and I decided right then and there to create a shadowbox for her and include a tiny bottle filled with sand from the beach from our first family trip.

I altered many chippies to embellish a recycled candy box to create the shadow box.


There’s the little jar of sand. I wrapped a bit of twine around it and added some tiny key charms.
A vintage jewelry finding was layered onto the altered chipboard for accent.

Loads of flowers to coordinate with the beachy color scheme and to disguise the structure holding the tiny sand jar. There’s a printed bible verse in the frame with a lovely sentiment to let her know how much we love her.

I created faux netting by spraying cheese cloth then twisting it in and around the flowers and inside the box.  A few little loops of roping completes the nautical embellishing.

1. Wipe down the chippies to prepare them to be altered. 2. The base is finished with a layer of flat white acrylic paint and the flourish pieces are dabbed with Distress Paint in Peacock Feathers. 3. I’m incorporating the portion of the chippies that would usually be discarded to create the front opening of the box. It’s been finished with the Distress Paint  and the snipped Deco Frame pieces are also. Using 3D Matt I adhered the flourish pieces to the frame base and allowed it to set. 4. The Deco Frame pieces are added to the box front and ready to attach to the candy box. I filled in the frame with Sugar Glitter Paste then sprinkled in 3D Powder and Micro Beads. This took quite a while to dry but well worth it!

A generous coat of Glitter Paste tops off the frame. I decided to grunge up the sides just a bit too which you can see in the finished pictures : )

Gypsy Soul Chippes~Deco Frames 6 Inch, Doodle Frame Rectangle.

Flowers from Petaloo~Botanica Magnolia Mix Blue/ Green, Mixed Textured Elements Teal, Burlap Poinsettia Teal, Botanica Vintage Velvet Mini White.

Okay that’s all for me. Wishing everyone a happy and productive day : ) G

Cats Gone Wild!!!!


I promised the Jackson family that I would keep them updated on Scooter….so I thought I would share some cute pictures from yesterday : )Scooter has settled in just fine now.  Everyone is getting along well.  He found himself a little slice of sunshine to take a catnap in.  Wondering if he needs a weight maintenance program???? Scooter weighed in at 18 pounds.  Oh My! He is a big baby though!!!

This is our little princess Lola. The only one I know who has worse hair days than me!!!  I call her princess because she seems to have claimed a box of Boy Scout popcorn tins…with a frame that was stacked on top as her throne.  She is really the scrappiest thing you ever saw. You can’t tell in the pic…but her eyeballs don’t match.  She really is the sweetest little thing.

This little guy is Tinker a.k.a. Stinker Pinker.  He is a real fraidy  cat!!! Most people don’t know we have three cats because Stinker Pinker runs away and hides under the couch in the basement. He has an addiction to Snuggies. He boroughs under them and loves to be wrapped up in them and finds a corner to chew on. Weird!

On the lighter side….


What’s a girl to do on her day off???

Monday again. Day off for Ginny. The problem with that is I wind up wanting to play paper. All my paper goodies are at the shop. : (  Problem solved….D.H. has generously provided me with the current issue of one of my favorite magazines…Where Women Create!!! Let the happiness and joy commence!!!  I have time to peruse the pages. Working studios of women artists from all over the country! So many ideas for storage and decor!!!  Even better…no tv…just my favorite Pandora channel. Melody Gardot and Adel, and Amos Lee.  Now all I need is a good cup of coffee and Scooter to curl up with.

I am actually working a bit today…or should I say preparing to work. Getting chipboard pieces ready to turn into delicious little elements for projects. As requested by my ever so wonderful Paper Peeps!

Oh…and just for good measure I will try to sneak in some housework. : )

Hope your day is going as well as mine….: )!!!!    G

Scooter saves the day!!!!


Jonathan finally found Little Big Planet 2 at Costco yesterday!!! YAY!!! Oh joy…oh happiness…oh no!!!!! There is no one to play with . Alex is busy studying for midterms. Whats a kid to do?????  Luckily Scooter had some time on his hands( errr…I mean paws) so he kindly agreed to sit in this one time.  I’m not sure if you get a points handicap if there are whiskers in the way of your controller. Jon seemed pretty happy so I didn’t bring it up. Scooter seems to be fitting in pretty well. We haven’t had any WWF kitty smackdown brawls . They just kind of walk around giving each other the STINK EYE.  I take this as a positive sign that it won’t be long before we are one big happy family!

Congratulations it’s a…….


Scooter????? This sweet little(okay maybe not so little) guy just became part of our family.  He was first adopted by the Jackson family from the animal rescue. When they got him home….they discovered that they are allergic to him : (  Long story short…a friend had shared with them that we were missing our sweet Polly that just past away.They appealed to me to take in “kitty Joe”. How could I say no to that face???

Since this is a fresh start for him we felt that a name change was in order….and after a family vote we settled on scooter. As you can see Scooter loves him some food. He is a big boy…but a real baby.

He also loves him some Kenny. Could this be love at first sight???? Awwww.  Yes that is Jon in the background. Yes I know he needs a haircut. Please do not post comments. Yes Mom…this means you. Just kidding! : )

He tried to sit in Jon’s lap but unfortunately Jon does not have enough lap for that much cute kitty to get comfortable on.  Things went pretty well when we got him home to meet his new brother and sister. It will take some time…but they will learn to get along and be friends. Thank you to the Jackson family for helping us to keep sweet Polly in our hearts and open our home to Kitty Joe Scooter.

Getting to know me……


A glimpse into the life of a wife, mother, artist, and business owner…

  • I love my family. They make me smile, they make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me proud, they constantly amaze me, life with them is an incredible journey.
  • I get by with a little help from my friends! A support system of truly wonderful people  always standing by to save me from myself.
  • I am a homebody. There is nothing better than being home. I hermit myself away whenever I can.
  • I love to read. But no girly chick books for me….Stephen King, Dean Koontz, any kind of thriller or mystery.
  • I am the least technology friendly person I know.  Without the help of D.H. and the boys I would be hopelessly lost.
  • I am so very lucky to live my dream of being an artist and owning my own store and studio. It’s what I wanted to be when I grow up!!!!
  • We share our home with two furry four legged family members.  I secretly think they run the house…but I’m not letting them know I’m on to them.