Not All Who Wander Card Collection


Sooooo I created these cards and totally forgot to post them. How on earth did that een happen???  I’m usually so excited to share things that I have to stop myself from posting 5 times a day lol. I just happened to spot them when I was scrolling my Instagram feed and boom there they were like little lost orphans : ( So today is the day for them, finally lol.


I’ve been challenging myself to make some cards that art not quite as poofy so they are easier to mail in a regular envelope. This is so hard for me with all the pretties at hand that I want to attach.  This is a good compromise though……just enough without being too much.


More washi and handcrafted flowers with pretty brad centers. The kraft doily looks amazing with the black borders and tiffany blue and gold stripe tape.


I am super in love with this bicycle tag!!!! Also I added a layer of vintagy washi tape to act as a border…..and it matches perfectly to this Carta Bella paper.adventure-all-occasion-greeting-card-pollys-paper-studio

Vintage train tag???  Don’t mind if I do!  These polka dotty flowers are coordinating so perfectly!  It’s a little bit masculine…..but still having a lot of detail.

The best thing about these beauties aside from the fact that fit nicely in an envelope….they are really great for any occasion.

These cards are all available in the shop.

Okay that’s all for me. Wishing everyone a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G






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  1. Great cards! My eyes popped when I saw your comment about trying to do cards that weren’t so poofy…! Exactly my same challenge these days. It can be done but I still like to do the dimensional ones for special gifts. When I do, I use a soft clear acrylic box/envelope that I get from Marco Paper (it is about 1/4 inch deep) and create a belly band to match the card so the suspense lasts a little longer for the recipient. If I am mailing it, of course, it goes into a padded envelope but the clear box/envelope protects it a little more than the envelope alone.

    • Love these cards as well! I also get a lot of my supplies through Marco Paper…I really like doing biz with this Company!

  2. I, too, get a thrill with making my cards extremely poofy, but since I’ve been making cards to send to my Mom every day, those extra postage on the envelopes can be expensive. I am going to start making them with not so many layers, yet still be something that will delight her, (she’s 94!).

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