Valentine Greeting Wall Hanging


Hey there Peeps!  I’m just dropping in to share a sweet and very Valentiny wall hanging. This was supposed to be my get up and get moving morning….however I slept in til 7am..OMGosh I never sleep that late….. Anyhoo can’t stay and chat..there’s too much to do now that I’m rolling 3 hours behind. Valentine Greetings Wall Hanging.

Valentine Greetings Wall Hanging 1Isn’t this just tooo adorable??? Loved that little frame before..but after painting it? Swooning!

Valentine Greetings Wall Hanging 2

Question….how many flowers can Ginny add to a wall hanging? Answer…a lot! And check out that vintage buttons….you can never find that shade of pink now.

Valentine Greetings Wall Hanging 3

Cutie patootie tiny banner in the corner.

Valentine Greetings Wall Hanging 4

More actual vintage buttons tied into a super poofy bow with more flowers and ruler ribbon.

Valentine Greetings Wall Hanging 5

Hanger of chevron ribbon to make it easy to display.

Really Reasonable Ribbon Supplies~ Chevron Striped Twill Pink, Sweetheart Blossoms Pink, White Magnolias, Pink Cottage Roses, Pink Spiral Stamens, Ivory Burlap String, White Chrysanthemums.

Polly’s Paper Studio~Valentine Greeting Wall Hanging.

Wishing you all a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G


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