Order of the Arrow Digital Layout with Crafty Secrets


Hey there Peeps! I’m sharing my very first all digital layout today.  I know I always say I really like to get my hands dirty while crafting and so I avoided digital scrapbooking. How can it be fun unless you’ve glued yourself to the table like I always do??? Let me tell you know..I am kicking myself for waiting because it was soooo much fun. And I can share them online for the grandparents who don’t want to get big bulky scrapbooks filling up their shelves. I used all digital images and papers from Crafty Secrets….a total mix and match. Andddd I still have my required elebenty hundred layers!

CS Boy Scout LayoutThis is a pic of my youngest Son Jonathan receiving his Order of the Arrow Sash with the Boy Scouts.  A very special honor among the troop and I’m so thrilled that all 3 of my boys have been initiated into the order.  I used  CD6 Vintage Christmas, CD1 Vintage Patterns and CD3 Typography. I hope I’ve inspired you to try digital scrapbooking..I’ll be making more layouts this way now that I know how much fun it is!!

Okay that’s all for me…wishing you all a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G


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  1. Clocks and gears seem to be the go-to theme for guys…and we all use this theme in so many different ways! This is a really nice layout! Thank you for posting today.

  2. Beautiful layout! could you please share what software you used to make this digital layout? I have used a little bit of PS and some Memorymaker’s (I think?) scrapbooking software. Always on the lookout for easy to use apps since I find PS too challenging for a simple layout 🙂

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