Premium 4th of July Kits


Well it’s too stormy to go outside to play…so instead I stayed in and made some super fabulous Premium Patriotic Creativity Kits. These babies are really loaded with a ton of fun and festive paper and embellishments to add to your holiday crafting. I crafted some really poofy tinsel topped crepe fringe in the old red white and blue and stacked 6 layers of crepe to make them really lush. There’s not only pre-tied bows…but yard goods as well so you’ll get a full yard of red gingham, 2 full yards of navy satin, and a yard of wired tiny tinsel trim. I added a foot of poof star trim and a foot of star garland ,and 3 felty stars.  Pre-tied bows of twine are  perfect in blue and red and white with tiny wooden clothespins. Printed bags as well as kraft and glassine. Really sparkly rhinestone trim, blingy flower and pearl and crystal topped pins. Last but not least…tickets and flowers.

4th of July premium kitOkay..that’s all for me….I’m off to find something to make for dinner since it’s too rainy to go out. Wishing you all a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G


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