Flower Organization With A Little Help From My Peeps


Recently I posted on face book an appeal for my peeps to offer suggestions on how to tame my outta control flower stash. You came through with some fine ideas..and I put them to work to wrangle flowers that were all over and crazy. Hard to find…hard to remember what I have….and impossible to link because the packaging was just everywhere! So here is what I came up with. Let me just say first that this storage unit was my one and only time to dumpster dive….not quite in the dumpster but sitting next to it….I had an adrenalin rush that I thought was going to give me a heart attack….eeekk

Flower Orginization 1Yes I do realize that the top of the unit is upside down…I need my storage to be really flexible so I can push it around and repurpose it according to how my stash grows and evolves.

Flower Orginization 2My dear friend Gloria suggested plastic drawer units…and these fit perfectly.  I prettied them up with paper to cover the drawer fronts.

Flower Orginization 3I used my favoritest little ceramic berry baskets to corral the Mulberry Flowers from Really Reasonable Ribbon. There are also white baskets and recycled tofu containers : )

Flower Orginization 4It’s crucial to keep the packaging with the flowers so linking willl be easier.

Flower Orginization 5To use a term from my teenaged Son Jon…we have a crap ton of little wooden crates that come with clementines….which Jon takes every day in his sack lunch. More of the pretty paper helps to coordinate mismatched storage. It’s really handy to be able to pull down the crate with the flower color that you need for your project and then put it back when done. At some point I was obsessed with Prima Got Flowers…I’m pretty sure it’s because I liked the jar lol. Anyhoo I’ve got them in another crate. Next to it is a pretty basket donated by my dear friend Jennifer and I’ve got it filled with dimensional roses on tags..very shabby and chic right??

Flower Orginization 7The drawers are filled with blingy bits, flower stamens and odd bits and pieces.

Flower Orginization 6All the flat pack paper flowers live in plastic shoe bins in the cubby..organized by color. Look there’s still some room in there…maybe I need more flowers????

Okay thanks to all of you who sent in suggestions…I think this system will work out well for me for a long time…or until I feel the need to redecorate lol.

Thanks for sharing with me a little of my studio and maybe I’ve inspired you to get organized too?

Wishing you all a happy and productive day with lots of time to get organized : ) G


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  1. This is so much for festive then they way I store mine (in plastic Tupperware containers) I would be happy to take some of your stash if you have to much. LOL

  2. Love this! It will be so easy now for you to find the right flower for the job. And, I save all my Clementine crates, too. I have so many different things stored in them. Great minds think alike! Your space is so neat and pretty….I just love it. My flowers have not been organized…..yet! But it is in the works, and you have definitely inspired me. Great post!

  3. Great job. That is a crap ton of flowers! I think you may have even more than I do…but my new order is on the way…hee hee Thanks for sharing your storage. I love that you used the pretty paper to make your mix-and-match storage look, well matchy. 😉

  4. Really great job! Now show me your stamp and Paper organization. When your all done you can jump over to Brighton do mine and keep what doesn’t fit. Okay?

  5. I know what you mean about organizing all the flowers…I have to do something.. wish I had your space and a similar storage unit. But you’e given me ideas to use.

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