Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015


OMGosh OMGosh I am so excited to be sharing  the projects I created for the Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015. This has been the most incredible year of working with the papers that I love and getting to showcase my creations on the Graphic 45 Blog. Graphic 45 is the most generous and creative company and I have come to love all the friendships I’ve created behind the scenes with the other designers on the 2014 Design Team. I am so thrilled and honored to be a part of this super crazy talented team of artists.  One of the best parts was getting to play with the new paper patterns and Staples before they were released! And the Happy Mail full of amazing beautiful G45 supplies??? I am swooning just thinking about it : ) So without further ado….I present my audition. I have also put together a short youtube video at the end with a slideshow of all the projects I’ve created this year with Graphic 45. I hope you enjoy!

Assemblage with Artisan Style…









Party Banner with Time To Celebrate…











Fall Card with Time To Flourish…






IMG_5256Layout with ABC Primer….





IMG_5261I invite you to enjoy a short slideshow of the projects I’ve created this year with Graphic 45…


Wish me luck that they choose to let me stay on for another term : )


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  1. You Deserve to be a part of any design team. You are so talented and creative. I save your creations and use them as inspiration. I just wish Graphic 45 products were more readily available. They are terrific.

  2. I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful projects all year long and I hope you’ll be given a second term on the G-45 team. You are an asset to them as well as to those of us who receive inspiration from your designs!

  3. Everything is so beautiful, so detailed and lovely, I definitely think you should easily get “re-upped”! You are such an amazing talent with a wonderful eye for color and design. Thanks for all the inspiration. Great and good luck!

  4. You have a creative eye–I certainly hope you are on the team next year. I always look forward to your projects!!! Love ’em.

  5. I had no idea how many projects you did – guess I better get on Graphic 45 site more often. You are so creative, Ginny! You have my vote to stay on another year – but I can’t believe it has been a year so far!!!! Where has the time gone? My wishes for another year at Graphic 45!

  6. Hi Polly, love all your creations for the G45 Audition. 😀 You are so talented. I can’t even imagine the feeling of opening that G45 box. What a super exciting feeling!!! I get excited just getting my box of G45 stuff when I order from an online store. Lol (hahahaaaa) I am a big G45 fan and looking forward to your future creations for inspiration.
    Thank you

  7. You BETTER make the team again…….you are super-talented, and GR45 will lose out on a unique crafter if they DON’T pick you again!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  8. OMG You are soooo talented. these are beyond amazing. Good luck and I’ll keep my fingers crossed they do keep you on. G45 is my all time fav for papers…and your work is just fantastic.
    Good luck.

  9. What an incredible audition, and a very impressive body of work. There is such joy in your creations, and it can only come from a heart that truly loves to imagine and create. Well done, Ginny! Better make room for more goodies in your studio. Graphic 45 is so lucky to have you represent them with such style!

  10. Ginny, your creations are absolutely breath-taking and there’s no doubt in my mind you’ve got another great year with Graphic 45 ahead of you. I’ll miss being on the team, but I’ll be in the background creating for G45 classes and CHA as a special projects designer. Best of luck to you, my dear, and hopefully we’ll meet someday in person.

  11.! Each creation is better than the last. That layout is just stunning! That blue!!! I have no doubt that you will make another year with G45. They’d be silly to let you go!!!!!!!

  12. wonderful projects! i’m gonna be entering again and still finishing my audition projects!! i also thought of showing a slide of my g45 2014 dt projects!! heehee goodluck to us!!!

  13. Ginny, wow! Your work is so incredible. We love these projects and your incredible use of florals, ribbon, and your incomparable composition. Thanks for applying for your second year. Happy Papercrafting! ~Charee & Joanna

  14. Beautiful work-I have enjoyed your projects and love all the G45 projects you have created-love the many layers. Good luck!

  15. Hi Ginny, Your projects are always so inspirational and wonderful! All your intricate details and designs come together to make perfection! I always look forward to your posts!
    Tara Brownj

  16. Your a for sure girl, your work is just amazing. All the layers, detail work and the ribbons…I want to come to your house and have you teach me ribbon tying, LOL. Not surprised to see your on the top 25 and know you’ll be back for another round. I’ve loved working with you.

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