Family Vacay to Daytona 2014


Good morning Paper Peeps.  Finally getting back into the swing of things here in the frozen North. Last night I sat down and went through pics from our vacay. We spent the holiday week at our Condo in Daytona Florida. I could really get used to life on the beach lol. I have selected some images I hope you will enjoy….

A few beach scenes.

20141229_072200DH Kenny and I enjoyed coffee on the beach at sunrise.

20141229_072422Birdies waiting to catch their breakfast.

 20141227_171444View from our window.

20150102_09065020150103_074324IMG_20141229_122441_839This is a very good place to read a book 🙂

IMG_20141229_135716_378I think Jonathan was missing hanging out with his brother…not that he’ll ever admit it.

20150101_133152Kenny and Jonathan went zip lining. They have a whole course there to challenge you…I am terrified of heights….so this was an activity just for the boysies.

20150101_12390220150101_13401320150101_13503020150102_140508The Daytona Go-Kart Speed Park is another boys activity…

20150102_13232720150102_132350IMG_20141230_103720_831My favorite place to visit..Marine Science Center where the have marine education, a sea turtle rehabilitation center and a bird sanctuary along with a beautiful boardwalk trail.

20141230_105605I got to play with the stingrays….so awesome!!! They feel a bit like squishy bath toys.

IMG_20141230_105755_167They also have beautiful aquariums.

IMG_20141230_110157_312The turtle rehab facility is very cool….and you can observe all the treatments and therapies to administer to get the turtles healthy enough to release back to the wild.

IMG_20141230_105839_186 IMG_20141230_110037_618They have lots of tanks!

IMG_20141230_104150_173Here is an exhibit to get my skin crawling….I am a magnet for anything stinging or biting….must be my sweet personality lol.  This is what all mosquitoes look like to me!

IMG_20141230_111352_100Jonathan standing new to a manatee in a funny hat.

20141230_103308These trees are so different that what we have up North.

20141230_130550-EFFECTSWe got to the boardwalk early enough that it wasn’t crowded..but it was filling up fast!

IMG_20141230_130407_289That boy is such a goof!

IMG_4702While we were there we checked out the lighthouse at Ponce Inlet.

IMG_4699View from the top. Picture curtsey of Jonathan…..I didn’t dare climb to the top.

20141230_121518When Kenny showed me this pic he took…I was very glad I didn’t go up….I wouldn’t have been able to get back down!

20141230_131026They also had this beautiful Veterans Memorial.

20141230_112908Another favorite thing to do is Pirate Cove Golf! We’ve done it every year since my oldest (now 20) was 6 weeks old.

20150102_19454920150102_20361520150102_195054This is serious mini golf!!!!!

The pier at night is magical with all the lights…and it 3.5 miles round trip…so we can walk it easily.

IMG_20141229_181518_04120141229_181120IMG_20141229_175400_252Before the hurricane a few years back there used to be a skyride you could take out over the pier. It was damaged too much and they took it down.

20141229_073955There was also a beautiful historic Spanish style mansion right next door to our condo building that Al Capone used to stay in.  It was also damaged beyond repair : ( The seawall is still here to give you an idea of how ornate the building used to be….had the most gorgeous tile roof and balconies!


20141228_083227Man shall inherit the earth…..but you can see how quickly the sea will take back what man imposed on it.

20141229_172236The make a really cool sandcastle every year at the pier.

20141227_214019You can take the boy away from the World of Warcraft…..but only for so long….he brought his with him lol.


In the evenings there was much chess and ping pong played….

20141229_072540Good bye beach…see ya next year!!!!! If I don’t freeze to death before then…..just in case you were wondering…we came back to -20 degree windchill. This is an extreme shock to my system : (

Okay thanks for sharing or vacation memories…wishing you all a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G



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  1. Very interesting and gorgeous pictures, that was an awesome getaway for all of you, you can see Jon did miss Alex. Maybe next year.

  2. This was so cool for me to look at…we lived seven years in Daytona (well Port Orange really) from 1979-1986. Both girls graduated high school there. Florida is a nice place to visit but the heat and humidity in the summer is awful and the bugs are huge. I love living in Southwest Michigan and especially the change of seasons and our wonderful hard wood trees. Those scrub pines you photographed are something else! Thanks for sharing. Peg in Kalamazoo


  3. Hello, I am a new subbie and love your blog. Although i have not left comments, I have you as one of my favorites so whenever you post something new I get a notification. Love your work.
    I have a question, I live in Miami and love ziplining, we have done it twice in the islands while cruising. I had no idea they had one in Florida. Could you send me the info on the place and also on the other places you visited. Nice getaway for a couple of days for my husband and I.
    Thank you, Ana

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