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Happy Monday Paper Peeps. This is a very special day for me as I am sharing the first pics of my new studio : ) There are quite a few pics here…so maybe a cup of coffee or tea while you browse? I should mention that I only moved my studio home from my shop just about 2 weeks ago….I’ve been a busy busy girl!

IMG_4111-002I’m calling my decor theme shabby chic….but I should probably call it…use every square inch lol. This is the back wall. I have utilized as much vertical space as I could with little vintagy shelves that I added baskets and bins to hold punches and tags and such. My DH created the table in the front by removing the legs off an old coffee table and adding new legs measured to be the perfect height for me to work at standing up : ) This serves as a fabulous wrapping station for orders as well as where I can do most of my paper cutting.


Stella the dress form stands guard in the corner.  More little shelves hold mason jars full of tiny brush trees, lace and various trimmings. I super love those little drawers… handy to keep everything easy to get at but out of sight. I used some cardstock on the inside of the drawers to hide the contents and to make them a little more coordinated. Under the skirted counter top is storage for large bins of frames and such.


 Looking toward the right side is most of my ribbon, little bins of embellies and punches.

IMG_4115More drawers for a ton of storage. Most have labels….the 2 that don’t are flex drawers…for whatever I need I in them at the time.

IMG_4116Here are 2 racks full of amazing paper crafting supplies from Graphic 45.  Can you even believe how generous they are???? I have all the paper pads stored with the coordinating stickers and chippies so they will be easy to use. A separate shelf holds the 8×8 and 6×6 inch paper pads. All the metal staples and stamps have milk glass or look alike containers as well as the flower dies on the top shelf.  There’s a great bin of adhesives stored so I can just move the bin to my work table when I need it.

IMG_4117Here is the frankenfurniture I referred to a few weeks back…I added an old cd rack to a small coffee table and painted them to match and voila…the perfect display for spools of ribbon and twine, and more mason jars filled with paper pretties. I have displayed some vintagy treasures along the top.

IMG_4118At the end of this wall I have a pretty hutch.


Better view of the inside of the hutch….as you can tell I love me some bins! There’s flowers and bling and brads along with my Stickles, sprays and glitters.

IMG_4124I’ve stored my blank cards and envelopes on a cute little rack with a banner. There is also a fun little stash of washi tape and Dusty Attic chippies. IN the taller rack I have pretty crepe papers, and bits and pieces that didn’t find a home somewhere else…like the 10 rolls of chapstick I have gathered from various other locations. I found the white ceramic berry baskets at Cost Plus world market a few years back..just love em!

IMG_4120A few packaging essentials on the wrapping table. I have them on stacked cake stands.

IMG_4135I’m using these bins to store my ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbon that are not still on spools. There are a few bins for stash items and for works in progress so I can keep all the supplies that I need for it together.

IMG_4125DH built this narrow shelf for me to store my Cricut and sewing machine handed down from my MIL.  The rest of the shelves have more bins. I covered the fronts with paper that has tiny flowers. I would really love for it to be Cath Kidson….but this is what I could find on short notice…I can always add it later right? Next to the pink shelf is a narrow bakers rack that holds paper that was specially ordered for kits. The hanging metal bins hold my meager little collection of markers…..all 10 of them lol. On the drawers is a handy place to keep my carstock and a binder to hold post office receipts. Above it is Jenni Bowlin paper pretties : ) You can also see my inspiration board hanging over a rack of Mulberry flowers, vintage books and small suit cases..which are actually empty…guess it’s time for more supplies?

IMG_4131I added a lovely little fabric panel to the inside of this hutch. I got the fabric at our local quilt shop…don’t tell Jennifer I hung the fabric inside out after all she did to help me find the right pattern lol. There are a few newish pieces picked up at Jennifer’s mini garage sale….don’t tell DH.  Under that burlap is my die cutter….that little diecutter cozy is actaully a liner from one of the baskets…it fit almost perfectly and hides the green machine! Inside the hutch is my own personal paper supply to keep it separated from the shop stock…and various necessary but not pretty tools and supplies.

IMG_4126As much as I would like you all to think that I create art while listening to classical music and having philosophical and intellectual debates…I am in fact listening to tv programs.  Yep my cover is blown.  I have no idea what the actors look like as I am only listening lol…but keeps me from talking to myself…most of the time.

IMG_4127I tried to capture this shelf where I store my shipping supplies to look nice…..I arrived at organized..not sure it looks nice??? But it does hold my little bags and boxes. If you are an Etsy Peep….you will be familiar with these packing pretties : )DH has been collecting vintagy snowmen for me over the years…I can’t bear to put these 3 away..I do love them!!!

IMG_4100This was the first pic I took to share as a sneak peek on the CHACB blog. The pink shelf got 2 paint jobs as the first time I painted it the color wound up to what you would picture as a liver experiencing organ failure….not even remotely acceptable….so now it is vintagy bubble gum colored : ) On top of the shelves is a picture of my beautiful grandma holding my Dad as a baby and his little green sweater. DH had that sign made for me with the Polly’s graphic and he hung the chandeliers…even though he was super tired from working all week and tennis and scouts…Love you sweetie : )

IMG_4143-001In the interest of full disclosure….this is one of my 4 work tables. No…not shabby or chic. They came from Costco.  I will soon be replacing this with something prettier and more in the style of the room….but since I moved my studio home just about 2 weeks ago…it’s coming along quite nicely. Anyhoo..these tables are nearly indestructible….with the possible exception being the hot glue gun incident…which we do not talk about : (  Kenny told me to put a tablecloth on it….but I can’t get distress ink and paint out of fabric…I’m sure all you crafters understand. I’m seeing a few things I might like to change….such as the flooring…maybe to something pergo? And add a few more pink poms to hang from the ceiling. I’ll be happy to post any updates as they occur : )

I hope you all have enjoyed this tour of my new work space. It’s been such a pleasure working in an organized and pretty space…..and in a house of all boys….it’s my girlie sanctuary….no boys allowed….unless they are bringing me coffee…or unless they are a cat because cats do not recognize personal space boundaries.  lol. Okay..that’s all for me. Wishing you all a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G





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  1. Everything looks Beautiful!! Gorgeous Space girlie!! To think you did it all in two weeks…and I KNOW you had a ton of beautiful things to move and rearrange! LOVE it! Hugs and smootches from your BFF :0) Great motivations for me :0)

  2. Magnificent, shabby-licious, inspiring, adorable, clever and practical all at the same time! What a wonderful space you have created for yourself. I loved seeing everything and had to enlarge the picture several times as my eye caught some “pretty” that I wanted to see closer up. This is one of the loveliest studios I’ve ever seen. It’s a reflection of your beautiful self. I like the practical work tables in with all the decorative ones. And I even like the floor. It has its own wonderful shabby chic vibe. Wishing you many happy hours of creating and imagining and enjoyment in this wonderful space, Ginny! Thanks for sharing it. I will now go back to my Plain Jane studio and dream of having you come to make it lovely for me. xo

  3. Oh I follow you faithfully and was excited to sit with my coffee and ooooh and Awwww over your most beautiful craft room!! Everything is perfect, what a beautiful atmosphere! I love my craft room, it’s off the kitchen/dining area so of course it always has to be neat. I think I spend more time everyday making it look pretty that I do creating. Oh well, it’s much more fun working in an organized clean space. Thanks for your post every day, such inspiration and love in everything you create! Have a blessed day, g

  4. Oooh, so shabby and pretty! How fun it must be to work in such a lovely and inspiring space. You’ve done a fabulous job pulling it all together. Thanks for the tour to go along with my morning coffee.

  5. Everything is so pretty. I wish I had the space you have to create and get organized in….my space is limited and I do try to keep things contained…but often forget that I have it! Lucky YOU.

  6. What a great tour! I have lived in my craft room for a few years now and it does not look even remotely as nice as yours! You did a fantastic job for two weeks!
    BTW- that is so smart to put paterned paper inside your clear drawer fronts! I am so going to do that!!
    Thanks for sharing your happy space! hugs

  7. Well, I am on the next plane out! I so want so see this in person. I love it! It is so vintage and shabby and pretty and just amazing! What a great space. I love all the various storage ideas and the bins and boxes. Thanks so much for a full tour!!!!

  8. I love your new home to create in. I too am a TV junkie and do my best work in front of the taped programs on a daily basis. I am a vintage and shabby chic person and your colors are so inviting.

  9. Oh you know that I love, love, love everything you do and now I really love your work space! Gives me a ton of inspiration and ideas for adding to mine. To think you did it in 2 weeks – you are the girl! Happy crafting in your beautiful spot!

  10. I’m SURE being in your very own “creative cove” will help even more to bring out the creative juices you already have flowing!! Your room is certainly lovely – – just as you are, I’m sure!! Pictures are well-described, and helpful to us as we go through our own “craft adventures!!” HAVE FUN!

  11. Oh, my Heavens! I think I would not ever leave, if I had a craft room like this! Gorgeous! I think changing the floor at this point might be a major undertaking–move it all out, and back in again. No thanks! Thank you for sharing, and I will be pinning this for future drooling.

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