Ooops…forgot about Friday Funday : (


Oh my goodness I just realized that I totally forgot to post Friday Funday! I have no excuse except that we’ve been moving the studio, and crazy busy filling orders and a sick kiddo.

friday fundayOur winner for week 2 …..#7 Megan Fuchs

I don’t know what my crafty style is, but I do love things with patterns and shapes. I mostly enjoy looking at pintrest for ideas. My favorite thing to create is art using clay as a medium. I took a ceramics class and I loved using my hands to make projects. I am terrible at the wheel, but I have made a beautiful vase that looks like the honey bin of pooh. My mom loves it and puts her flowers inside. Random silly about me is that I love sports: baseball, football, basketball, and soccer. I always say that I am terrible at these   sports but am the biggest cheerleader/fan.

Megan please contact me at with a mailing address and which creativity kit you would like for your prize.

This weeks questions…..

What new craft technique would you like to try? For me it’s encoustics art….but I am just afraid of the fumes. I don’t want my art to kill anyone lol.

What is your best craft supplies organization tip? I use tons of little drawers to keep my supplies separated but easy to get out and put away. I know if I have to pull out bins with lids I will not put things away because I am lazy. Just kidding….no really!

Random Silly Thing….I am terribly afraid of heights. I would rather be standing naked in the middle of a busy intersection with snakes and bugs on me and set on fire than go mountain climbing. Okay now it’s your turn to play along.

Each week on Friday I’ll ask a fun question or two so I can get to know you all better. You have until Thursday at noon to leave a comment with your answer and I’ll draw a name at random from the comments on the post. One lucky Peep will win a creativity kit of their choice from our selection in the Etsy Shop.  I’ll announce the winner when we post Friday Funday for the following week.  If this goes well…we’ll play along every week…so make sure to tell your friends to join in too.  Please play fair….only 1 comment per person per IP address that way you’ll all have the same chance to win…so no comments from your kids,cats, or dogs lol. Prize will be shipped within the continental United States only…sorry to my international followers. This is a family friendly blog….so please keep all comments nice : )

Okay that’s all for me. Wishing you all a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G




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  1. Well I would like to try soldering for jewelery and mixed media. I have a ribbon organizer that has dowel rods to organize my ribbons for crafting by spools and I also use small plastic drawers like you for storing things especially embelishments..and things for cardmaking and mixed media.

  2. New to me craft technique that I would like to try, would have to be making jewelry from old, rusted hardware parts – like washers covered in pretty scrapbook papers scraps. I love it and want to make time for it but just have not done it yet. Recycling items is kind of a passion for me.

    My favorite organization tip. Wow! I just gained a new craft room when my youngest daughter moved out so I have lots of new ideas for organization that I have put to use. I think that one of my favorites so far is making a stand up file for my 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I have always kept them in closed boxes that I must unstack from my shelving unit in order to get to the paper. Now, I just simply look at the paper sitting pretty on my shelf and I know at a glance what I have and can get to it effortlessly which is really important since I have arthritis in my hands and it makes it difficult for me to lift, shift, and manipulate the weight of some of my boxes. The array of colors also makes adds to the pretty decor in my room!

    Random silly thing about me – In the last couple of years I discovered hockey with my family. My goodness I love it. I scream, yell, and holler, for the home team and could care less who is watching me. Our family is signing up for the Team Booster Club and I am volunteering to help make a scrapbook for one of the team players. Yes…this old lady has the hockey bug. GO AMERICANS! 🙂

  3. I would like to work with paper clay. I have some ideas rattling in my brain to try. I am NOT very organized at all so any kind of organization would be a step up. Right now, I use plastic cases for paper storage, and small plastic boxes for ribbon, inks etc. random silly thing about me…too numerous! I do not like pudding, milk shakes or anything that has that consistency, like pumpkin or cream pies!!!

  4. As far as trying something new-I wish I could sew. So many times would I like a new pillow or curtains. I can sew things on a card or 12×12….but not the same. I have 2 organization tips–first I found an old wooden cassette holder…It now is now on the wall and holds my TH distress inks and MFT inks. I also have a plastic tote for file folders and it holds my 8 1/2×11 paper from MFT. I like that I can close the lid to keep dust out (cat hair) and it is easy pull out sheets and put the scraps in to use for something else. Silly? Hmmm…..well I hate driving in really snowy weather. When I was in a car pool I used to trade days if it was really bad. The girls were always willing to trade then have me be nervous. It was all good.

  5. Something new I would love to try is glass blowing. Some of the most gorgeous Christmas ornaments are made using that technique! an organization tip I have is to use lots of drawers and just fill them with everything. If you use the clear kind you can still see what you have put in them. Out of sight out of mind. The random silly thing about me is I am a little bit afraid of being closed in. When I get into an elevator I have to take a deep breath and pray that the door opens to let me out. Heaven forbid that I ever get stuck in one!

  6. I would love to try mixed media-I love all the cute ideas I see out there that people alter to make something really creative out of. Organization good question-I have so many drawers, file cabinets, shelves, etc. I need more space even though everything I have is organized. Everything is just crammed full. My random silly thing hum-I love a lot of things around me. I am more comfortable with lots of stuff. Of course when it comes to cleaning it I am not so happy but that still doesn’t stop me from accumulating more. I am a neat freak and everthing has to be put back exactly where it came from so I would never hired someone esle to clean for me.

  7. Embossing is a mystery to me – but I would love to try it! I use the clear plastic drawers, large and small, and they are working so well that I need more! The silly thing about me is that I can’t cuss – don’t know why – just can’t do it. Darn!

  8. The new technique I’d like to try is Iris Folding – so pretty!! The best craft supplies organization tip I can think of is labeling almost everything, because I have so much. I won’t pretend to remember all I have in each container/drawer/bag/box/bin! And the random silly thing about me is that one day I’ll tell myself I need NO MORE STUFF…..and the next day I’m thinking about what new die, or embossing folder, or flowers, or paper, or embellishment I’d like to get NEXT!!

  9. The new technique I would like to try stamping and embossing. The best craft supplies organization tip I can think of is putting thing in a cubby and labeling the cubby. I would rather go without clothing too than ride on a roller coaster or anything high.

  10. A new thing I would love to try is working with metal. All kinds of metals. New as well as old found pieces. I would love to make sculptures and small pieces for cards & scrapbook pages. As for organizing I am very particular about my craft stash so I keep it all organized in clear drawers and on lots of great thrift store shelves. My silly thing is I don’t like cheese. Can’t tell you how many people have said I’m weird because of that but I could go the rest of my life without pizza or Mac & cheese and be very happy!

  11. What new craft technique would you like to try? Metal clay . I’ve been slowly branching off into Jewelry making

    What is your best craft supplies organization tip? Still trying to figure out the whole organizing thing

    Random Silly Thing….Love having water fights with my kids

  12. I would like to try stamping on metal but can’t afford another obsession.
    I use a five bar skirt hangar to keep my spools of ribbon organized.
    I am afraid of feral pigs. Animal Planet needs to back off with those shows.

  13. i really want to experiment with mixed media on many levels
    i love the collapsible box’s from the dollar store one of the sizes fits my
    “close to my heart” stamps sets perfectly
    im afraid of spiders… of any size!!!

  14. Well, I’m new here but I’d love to play along! A new craft technique I would love to try is flower soft. I know this is not new, but I’ve never tried it. Best craft organizational tip is to label everything! I have a label maker and now I label my bins, my files, drawers, and it’s so much easier to find everything! Random silly thing would be that I’m a cat fanatic! I love cats and cat-related items, and I make a lot of cat cards. I just noticed in the small print that this is for US fans only but I would happily pay the postage if I should be lucky enough to win (I’m in Canada) and I hope that’s an option. Thank you – this has been fun!

  15. If I could try any craft, without concern for the cost, it would be glass-work, especially stained glass windows and making lamp-work beads. (Had to think about that for a long time because I’ve been doing crafts for over 50 years and I’ve tried just about all of them.)

    Best organization tip would be PUT THINGS AWAY WHEN YOU’RE THROUGH WITH THEM! I spend way to much time looking for lost items in my work space – the dinning room table. Second on the list, would be putting away seasonal items (in the inconvenient storage areas), and getting them out for the time you would be using them by organizing them in temporary boxes. This does mess up making Christmas cards for most of the year though.

    I seem to have a decent vocabulary (this needs to be said, or you’d never guess it), but most of my creativity seems to be in the area of misusing words and generating spontaneous puns. A couple of examples:

    On a trip to my doctor, I wanted to explain that the nodes in my arm pits seemed swollen, so I informed her that “I’ve been having trouble with my nymph glands”.

    During a job interview, I wisely said I thought I communicated well by telling them, “I think I’m highly communicable.” If that didn’t seal my linguistic finesse, nothing would.

  16. The new craft technique that I would like to try is multi-media Art Journaling. I’ve never used watercolors before, but I love the beautiful effects that I see others achieve with these techniques

    My craft organization tip is to put small items like buttons and brads in see-through baggies, attach them to a bulletin board that is right above my crafting table where I won’t forget that I have them already as I’m searching for just the right embellishment. Saves a lot on purchasing duplicates that I already own.

    Random silly thing about me is that my terror of mice caused me to actually move out of my house for several days until the intruders could be caught, and I could be certain my home was totally mouse free. I have every electronic contraption known to deter rodents plugged into an outlet of every room in my house. I am beyond terrorized by them.

  17. Something I would like to try would be to make jewelry as well with old, rusty finds and keys and such.
    An organization tip is that I store my stamps and any coordinating dies in the same little clear plastic case so when I need the dies, they’re right there with the stamps!
    A random, silly thing about me is that I’m terribly afraid of snakes. If I see one in the yard, it’s days before I’ll go outside again. You must understand too, that in Maine we only have garder snakes so they only grow from about 4-12″ long. Pretty tiny compared to some southern states.

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