It’s a Friday Funday Giveaway!


Hey there Peeps!  Friday is the day I have my regular paper play date with my good friend Brandy. So I was thinking to myself… to get my Peeps involved in the fun?  Then it came to me…..Friday Funday Giveaway!!!!

friday fundayEach week on Friday I’ll ask a fun question or two so I can get to know you all better. You have until Thursday at noon to leave a comment with your answer and I’ll draw a name at random from the comments on the post. One lucky Peep will win a creativity kit of their choice from our selection in the Etsy Shop.  I’ll announce the winner when we post Friday Funday for the following week.  If this goes well…we’ll play along every week…so make sure to tell your friends to join in too. I’ll share some easy peasy rules then we’ll get down to the fun questions.  Please play fair….only 1 comment per person per IP address that way you’ll all have the same chance to win…so no comments from your kids,cats, or dogs lol. Prize will be shipped within the continental United States only…sorry to my international followers. This is a family friendly blog….so please keep all comments nice : )

Okay…here are the questions….

What is the craft tool you use most often while you’re being creative? 

For me it’s my guillotine paper cutter…can’t live without it!

What’s the 1 craft tool you wish you had?

I’d really like a spiral binding system for mini albums.

Tell us some random silly something about yourself.

I like to put BBQ on my spaghetti sauce : ) it’s your turn to play along : ) Can’t wait to read the comments and good luck to all who join in the fun!


40 responses »

  1. The craft tool I use the most is my glue gun, the one craft tool I wish I had would be a better paper cutter, and something silly about me would be that I like to put grape jelly in my meatballs.

  2. This sounds like so much fun and what an awesome opportunity to win one of your creative packs!
    My guillotine cutter is the most used item when I’m crafting as well. On my wish list is a die cutting machine that’s not broken. ; ) Something quirky about myself is that I hang the clothes in my closet by color, so all the blues, all the grey’s, all the greens… you get it.

  3. Favorite tool…… fiskar titanium micro tip easy action scissors
    Craft tool wish….. binding system
    Random question… I prefer making homemade pasta over any store bought.

  4. Craft Tool: I use EVERYTIME are my Tim Holtz scissors. I have two pairs -just in case on is hidden in a pile somewhere.
    I wish I had a Big Shot: I have a cuttlebug and love it, but it doesn’t always do what I’d like.
    Silliness about myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween. The season is my most favorite. I love to decorate, create, cook-anything with fall colors.

  5. My go to/favorite tool my cricut, I can make cool stuff with little effort! Craft tool I wish I had was actually a designated space (craft room) not a tool but a big wish! Silly sharing about me- I sing to my dogs often in Broadway show tune themes that I make up!

  6. I use my CTMH scissors all the time. Also my TomBow tape and Scotch ATC gun.
    I think I would like a Cameo cutting machine.
    I love Halloween and Disney themed pages, but, hate Disneyland.
    Biggest silly quirk- I can not use milk unless it is the day of purchase and I am the one that opened the bottle or carton. So, I don’t have cereal very often and we are limited on when I cook with milk. Luckily, my husband doesn’t have that quirk, so he drinks the rest of the milk.

  7. I am always using my bih shot, live it. Wish i had a vagabond! Something many people do not know about me is i found my two sisters in 2001! Love them to pieces

  8. I love my Glossy Accents. It is so useful, I can’t believe it.
    I would love to have a Big Shot.
    I go crazy decorating for Halloween and Christmas and that includes making lots of crafts for these two holidays.

  9. My Tim Holtz scissors…. I use them all the time….. I would really like to have ” The Big Bite” punching hole puncher… The most craziest thing I do….. I put chocolate milk on my cereal, including hot oatmeal, and sometimes I put it in my coffee.

  10. Craft Tool – My gorgeous Daughter
    Craft Tool I wish I had – My daughters ability to make beautiful craft items
    Silly Thing – I can’t sleep in a bed unless it has been made up in the morning.

  11. What a fun contest … love it!!!!!!!
    Craft Tool – Bone Folder
    Craft Tool I wish I had – Paper Cutter that I didn’t have to retire because it wasn’t user friendly!
    Silly Thing – Instead of Milk and Sugar, I put ice cream in my coffee to flavor it.

  12. This is so fun! Favorite craft tool: Alice, my guillotine and my heat gun. Tool I wish I had: A gift box punch board. I don’t know why, but I see myself making stacks of awesome little ATB’s. Silly random fact: I hate sushi. But I love your creativity kits.

  13. Okay I have to go with you and say my tonic….love them so much I have 3 sizes !!!! lol
    I am with you as for what I would like as being the binder….always figured I would make more mini albums if I could make my own. Seems like other tools alway are needed before I get that one though. The girls always say I am wierd because I only make A2 size is now a saying in our group that we are doing Barbars size cards ( not A2 size)!!! lol

  14. 1. Recently I have been using my Cuttlebug to cut dies and eBosser to do my dry embossing, at times I use my Cricut a lot but recently the Cuttlebug and eBosser win out.
    2. I would love to have an eBrush. You can come over anytime you want to and use my Cinch for binding your mini books.
    3. I desperately need a craft store, “fix” (just breathing in the crafty air).

    Thank you for this chance to win a wonderful prize.


  15. My favorite tool is my Silhouette. The tool I wish I had…..hmmmm. can’t really think of anything I don’t have (I know….first world problem). I guess the tool would be time…more time to create. Something random and silly? I sometimes make cookies just so I can lick the spoon.

  16. First off, I guess my trimmer is my most used tool, but there are so many great tools that make crafting so easy it’s hard to choose just one.
    Oh to have a Tim Holtz Vagabond. I use my Revolution, Cuttlebug, and Big Shot but a Vagbond would be so much better.
    And an unusual thing about myself is that I really started crafting as a newly wed 58 years ago and have never really stopped. My first time was taping foil strips on our wall of a tiny trailer to make a Christmas tree for our lst Christmas married. Then attaching paper ornaments all over.

    Love your site and am now making Halloween cards from the “Not So Spooky Halloween kit”.

  17. I think the tool I use most is my double-sided tape. On my wishlist most, right now, is to find some “moldable plastic” that is shapeable by hand, so I can try to make paper flowers more lifelike! (I’ve searched countless stores incl.hardwares, and they’ve never heard of it! Can only seem to find it online, but want to buy it now with cash 🙂 And, something silly about me is that if I cannot create, then the next best thing to do is SEE MY GRANDKIDS!! :3)

  18. My favorite tool is an Ott Light. I have one on my craft table and it provides fabulous light to craft with. It shows true color! The tool I would like is an embossing type machine. I love the look of blind embossing on greeting cards. I love to make people laugh! Laughter is so good for the soul and mind.

  19. I use my ATG gun & my paper trimmmer the most. I feel as if I have everything but I would love to try out the Silhouette-there are some great SVG files I would like to use. I love watermelon for breakfast.

  20. Favorite tool: Definitely my Xyron(s)
    Tool I would like: Brother Scan and Cut
    Misc. Fact: I like to put salt on my watermelon!

  21. The tool I use the most: Sookwang tape type. Off brand works well.
    Craft Item I would like: A Cinch binding machine.
    Silly Thing: I enjoy a Gin and Tonic with extra lime wedges.

  22. The tool I use the most is my good ol’ brain! I spend most of my time picking out papers, ribbon and embellishments. I would love to have a larger craft table, but that would just mean that I would be forced to buy more things to clutter (used in a good way) it up.
    Something random and silly – I can’t put my face under the shower head. I panic like nobody’s business. Quirky yes, but I was not taught to swim properly – they literally pushed my face and head under water – so the shower just freaks me out. I still take them though so no worries…

  23. Favorite craft tool: It depends on what I am doing. For paper crafts, my Fiskars mini guillotine. For sewing, my new rotary cutter.
    Craft tool I wish I had: a Cricut Explore for paper and an all in one sewing machine that embroiders and serges.
    Random silly something: I’m making my first Legend of Zelda Link cosplay costume.

  24. ok so my favorite tool would have to be me of course as without it I my work would not exist…ok but for something other than me I would have to say my tape runner by 3m it makes my crafting so much faster. Now for the craft tool that I wish I had would be copic markers, I love to color but can’t get that look with my distress markers or my pitt small markers. And my silly would be I don’t eat left overs. I have good intentions but when I pull it out they just give me the willies…don’t know why just can’t do it 😦

  25. my craft sheet is my fav tool cannot live without it!I wish I had a purple cow paper cutter or a artmat cutter. I like to make snow angels in the cold snow when I get a chance to! Lol The other is catsup with my porkchops any way they are fixed.

  26. Scissors biggest tool cause I love to fancy cut and the Gazelle cant do what I can…..For what I want is a dedicated craft room. Odd thing most do not know about me I am a graduate of World CLown college and still have the shoes and makeup to prove it …Somewhere inside of me there still lives Valentina Evangelina the Christian clown

  27. My most used tool is my Spellbinders Grand Calibur…couldn’t live without that thing! My most wanted item would be a craft room all done in white. Right now I have a miss mash of items but it seems to work for me. Something most people don’t know about me is I was an avid square dancer when I was younger. Talk about a high stepper! I loved it and most Friday nights you could find me and my family at a dance somewhere in the area. It is a family affair and my daughter learned all the steps as well. Such fun!

  28. I love my Cutterpede cutter. I have back ups in case one dies or breaks. I would like to get a silhouette machine. I got nick named the Theme Queen because of my over the top decorating for every holiday.

  29. What a fun way to learn about your blog readers – I enjoyed reading all the comments so far!
    Favorite tool – paper trimmer – saves me so much time!
    Wished for tool – some kind of electric/digital cutting machine
    Random silly – I burst out in song (real or one I just made up) all the time! I guess I just have a lot of music inside of me!

  30. My paper cutter is my most used tool. I am researching which one is best which is hard as so many people like so many different ones! I wish I had a cutting tool.
    Silly thing: I find weeding relaxing.

  31. I have a well equipped craft loft with at least two of everything thanks to my generous family… But I think my cuttlebug is the one thing that I have used more than anyone craft tool I owned. My only wish is that I someday will master all the tools. My random silly is … I love to snack on saltines and pickles!

  32. My paper cutter I love and I would love if I could watch more tutorials without having to worry about the time limits. The thing that is silly about me is the need for my bang’s to be clean and straight!!!!!

  33. What fun!
    1. The tool I use the most is my glue gun.
    2. What would I like to have? A cuttlebug!
    3, Silly fact – I hate cheese!

  34. I’m with you …my paper cutter is the most used tool.
    I’d like to see and/or use the Silhouette ….some of the designs are amazing.
    I eat peanut butter with a teaspoon right out of the jar!

  35. the crafting tool I use the most is a guillotine paper cutter. I actually use it for 99% of my card stock cutting. As for the tool I wish I had, it would be a Silhouette. It would make a lot of my 3D paper crafts more precise and so much more! And lastly, one silly thing about me . . . I can craft easier when the house is clean. My full attention is on crafting, and not any chores that need to be completed. [i think its OCD. {smile}]

  36. Tool I use most would be my paper cutter, I would love to have the new Cricut explore, and I love to drive on warm summer nights with the Windows open and play loud music by myself

  37. my favorite tool is my Craftwell E-bosser. It cuts Spellbinders and other steel-ruled dies with ease.
    I wish I had a…….well, I guess I can’t think of anything on my wish list that I don’t already have!
    Random silly thing: I get squigged out reaching into bags of lettuce (like there is going to be a creature of some sort in there)

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