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Well good morning Paper Peeps!  It’s a different kind of post for me today.  I am participating in the Tour of Blogs. I find this to be a fabulous opportunity to thank the person who nominated me and in turn..nominate 3 more very talented and artists.  I was nominated by the wonderful Kathy Clement of Kathy by Design.  We first met when we began designing for Really Reasonable Ribbon years ago and she has since become my BOLB(Best On Line Buddy) She has become my daily go to friend for advice, a laugh, a virtual hug when I need it, and a connection to the real world when I am getting too caught up in work. She’s a sassy little red head with a fiery sense of humor just like me and isn’t afraid to be weird. We have such similar styles and love all things vintage. Her work sets the bar pretty high for the rest of us…..and I am lucky to be on 2 teams with her!

A Little Bit About Me

1.  What am I working on? I currently have about elebenty hundred projects in my brain waiting for their turn to get out! I’m designing for Graphic 45, Really  Reasonable Ribbon, and Craft Hoarders Anonymous so there’s plenty of opportunity to get my craft on just fulfilling my DT assignments. I just got another HUGE box of goodies yesterday from G45…so I’ll be making projects for an upcoming blog hop with Petaloo. I’ve been working on lots of Halloween projects to use in my seasonal decor and thought of Christmas are also making me very craft happy.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? I would say that I can not fit my style into a genre. I’m a little country and a little rock and roll. It all depends on the day, my mood, and whatever happens to be inspiring me at the moment.  So I guess what makes my work differ is that I have found a balance that works for me by a gentle blending of styles.

3.Why do I create what I do? I can honesty look back and say I have always been creative in some way or another.  When I was very little we didn’t have a lot of money so when we needed something we had to make do with what we had or be resourceful and create what we needed with what we had on hand. I had to find new way of looking at things to make do … and that ability is still with me. I can “source” crafty items just about anywhere and see them used for much different than their original intended purpose.  I’m so lucky that I call my work “Playing Paper.”

4.How does your writing/creating process work? I typically have a working concept of what I want to create and sometimes even doodle out details….then I just start trying things out and moving pieces around…..sometimes for hours making sure every little detail is just right. I really love layering and I am not afraid to mix patterns and colors. When I look at my project I need to know that each piece has a reason to be there…I can not make myself work “random.” My crafty motto is “More is Better!!!”

Okay now for a little paying it forward


Keri Sallee of The Creative Life 

Keri and I are currently on the Graphic 45 team and that’s when I got to know her  incredible talent as an artist. She has an ability to layer like none other. Her mixed media and paper projects just amaze and inspire me. She knows no limits when it comes to painting, paper, 3d…you name it and Keri can do it with her own fabulous style. I’ve come to know her more through facebook  and she has the most lovely little family. She is a fiercely devoted Mom and Wife and is also very spiritual.   Reading her blog posts is such a hoot…her little family is always having some adventure and they’re not afraid to share their memories and pics.  Our crafting styles are not exactly the same….but I have learned an appreciation of a more free flowing and less rigid order to things….this does not come naturally to me…I want to be more like her.


Linsey Rickett of Outside The Lines

Where to begin? Well first of all she is like only the most sweet and charming person ever. In like the history of time. I know Linsey from being on the Really Reasonable Ribbon Design team with her.  She makes me smile every time she posts a project.  I know that she has put a lot of thought and creativity into it and her personality shines through. This girl can rock a layout, a card, a dress, a jar of jam……and make it all look effortless. She is a layerer like me and I’m always inspired by her work. She is another person of great faith and is quick with an encouraging word on facebook or a laugh…she is such a sweetie and the world is a much better place because of her!


Christy Butters of Creating With The Girls

I am not too secretly jealous of this girls abilities. She has got some mad skills with mixed media. I want to be Christy when I grow up. No seriously. If Christy was teaching a class on how to be that awesome….I would be right there sitting in the front row.  She is also a devoted Mom of three of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Maybe that’s why her layouts are always over the top gorgeous? Not only is she an accomplished artist…but hands down one of the most sincerely nice people with a good, kind and giving heart. Truly a devoted woman of family and faith.

I highly encourage you to visit their blogs and leave a little love. I know you will be a fan of theirs just like I am. I’m wishing you all a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G



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  1. I’m so blessed to be your BOLB! You will never know how often I thank God for your friendship. All the laughs, all the fun, all the encouragement…they just add sunshine to my life. I also love the way your work spurs me on to be better and take on new challenges. You are always positive and keep me on my creative toes. I love you to bits and pieces! xo

  2. Oh my gosh girl, you are the BESTEST!!! I’m so touched by your sweet words, I can hardly keep from tearing up!!! Wow. What a wonderful way to start my day. I am SO inspired by your artistry and thankful for you sharing your talent with the world. I’m even more blessed to call you my friend. Thank you for this very special shout out. It means the world to me and I’ll be sure to pay it forward on my blog too! 🙂 xoxo

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