Inspiration Board


I’ve gotten quite a few requests to share some close up pics of my inspiration board.  I’m happy to oblige! First I should mention that I found the frame in the garage….it was green and gold…blach….so not me. And it didn’t have a back on it : ( I painted it white…so many coats of paint…too many coats of paint lol….and added a fabric wrapped piece of ceiling tile for the pins to push into. Here is the entire board:





I’ve layered on loads of vintage images, trinkets and treasures from my Peeps, blingy jewelry, flowers, and a valentiny banner. I hope this inspires you to make your own inspiration board and fill it with treasures that get you in the creative mood : )

Wishing you all a happy and productive day! G


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  1. In all the years I have been living in my craft room I never once ever thought of this! I am so blown away by the idea and I will most definitely have to start my own inspiration board. I have a couple of frames in my garage that I just know would be wonderful after they had been painted. You have definitely inspired me.

  2. Sigh…..your work just makes me so happy! I shall have to make myself one of these. I have an old cork board to the right of my desk. This would be so much better. Thank you my dear….for making everything beautiful!

  3. OK I’m just going to absorb all this wonderfulness!!!! If I was a patron of your shop I’d be standing there in front of it like a beautiful painting. Inspiring for sure.

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