How to spend a dog day afternoon


Hello all…this is Lily…I’ve hijacked my human Mama’s computer for a brief tutorial. If you enjoy it…send snacks…I like the crunchy kind : )


In the event you are wondering about the absolute best way to sped a dog day afternoon…when it’s hot outside…and you’re an indoor cat : )

IMG_2020-002Step one….find a chair that has the opposite color as your fur….in this case a throw blanket over the back of a recliner works purrrfectly.

IMG_2026-002Step two…adjust position 3 or 4 or 10 times….to be the most comfiest.

IMG_2028-002Step three…one last look at to see that someone has noticed how cute you are .


 Step four…Calculate how many hours of rest is need to be fully rested to be sassy and feisty when the human need to get some sleep before work.

Okay..that’s it for my cat-torial. See what I did there??? cat-torial…cuz I’m a cat lol!!!! I crack myself up lol.

Lot’s of love from Lily. P.S. Don’t forget the snacks!!! : )   P.S. Don’t tell Mama I was using her computer or she’ll give my treats to Scooter : (


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  1. Love cats and love seeing your posts on your cats. I have 6 indoor cats and they are so much fun to watch and see what mischief they are always getting into.

  2. I have 3 little girls…one of them is a Lily. The other two are Maggie and Bella. Lily and Bella are sister’s and poor Maggie has found that my little Lily is a Diva at times. Bella gets along with

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