Cherry Blossom Branch Tutorial


I’m very excited to be sharing a fun and easy tutorial for making Cherry Blossom Branches for your projects. This tutorial was inspired by a lovely vintage image that I added some  of my favoritest song lyrics to. The image had a slightly Asian feel with a very subtle cherry blossom pattern in the background. I’ll share a sneak peek of the finished project….then begin the tutorial.


I upcycled the frame with a shabby paint finish…added the printed image…then layered on the pretty cherry blossom branches. This altered piece is very dimensional as you can see : ) Last but not least…a couple of trimmed butterflies.. 

Okay so here is what you’ll need to make your own branches:


Floral wire….Scor-Tape ( yes that is glitter stuck on the side of my Scor-Tape lol) wire cutters, scissors, brown ribbon Really Reasonable Ribbon and  Wild Orchid Sweetheart Blossoms.


Snip several bits of the wire a little over an inch. Wrap the cut pieces around a longer stem portion….varying the angle and width to get a real branchy appearance. It took me several tries to get my branch not to resemble something out of a Tim Burton or Halloween movie lol….but with a bit of practice I had a shape I was happy with.


Add Scor-Tape to the tops of each branch tip…and along the length of the longer section too. Begin wrapping your brown ribbon…starting from the bottom branch tips…so when you build up the layers….you will be adding bulk to the branch in a realistic fashion.


The branch on the bottom is all wrapped up. There’s a few areas where I didn’t quite get all the floral wire covered…..this is a good place to add your flower blooms lol.


I think I’ll be making myself a whole mini tree of these lovely little branches.


After I had applied the branches to the frame…..I layered some pretty little butterflies to hide the ends of the branches. Wonder what these would look like with roses???? Guess I know what my next project will be!


Sometimes less is more ( but only sometimes) for this project I felt that 2 branches was just the right amount…not to much…not too little.


I used hot glue to apply the branches…..I always burn myself…so I recommend you be super careful.

I hope this inspires you to think “outside the frame” when working on your projects…no reason why you have to stop with just a picture right?

I hope you all enjoy a happy and productive day and find some time to be creative. : ) Huggs…Ginny


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  1. What a beautiful gift idea you have given us Ginny. I so often wish I lived in your “neck of the woods” or at least close to it. I do so adore your gorgeous paper creations. You are my inspiration. Virginia

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