I forgot how to smart : (


I spent a good amount of time yesterday fiddling with this card. I had all the pieces I thought I wanted to use….and no matter how I tried…I just could not make it work! Super frustrating. Have you had days like that too? I’m sure we all do. You forget how to smart.  Once I was good and fed up…I took all the little pieces off the top and discovered underneath…that I actually did like the base layers quite a lot….so I got out some new goodies for the top….and voila a finished card that I just love!!! Moral of the story????? Sometime you just have to stop and find a new solution when you’re stuck on a project!

IMG_1599My girlies Anna and Brandy who were visiting me in the shop will be laughing…this is not the card I set out to make. It’s only like a million times better : ) Don’t ya just love that paper??? It’s Pink Paislee. That double chevron is so pretty. The printed die cuts are too. They’re from different lines…but you know me..I’ve got to mix and match.


IMG_1602This perfect little bow was tied with Taupe Chevron  from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

Okay…that’s it for my sweet and simple card. I hope you all enjoy a happy and productive day and find some time to be creative : ) G


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  1. You are right, sometimes walking away and starting over when you are stuck is the best. LOVE the card and I’m having fun with the bows!

  2. Yes, I was there… saw the frustration mounting…… Liked the other one too, but then I like everything you do….. but I LOVE the colors of this one, so glad you kept that cute little chevron bow. ~~ yep somedays you got to know when to “Foldem”. (Kenny Rodgers said that). Good job gal pal!! Love it!

  3. I do that A LOT!!! I’ll have such a vision in my head…and that’s where it stays. Ha. Your change in plans came out beautifully.

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