New blog to check out…


Warning…this post has no fabulous shabby chic and vintage handcrafted creations…..but you’ll want to read on anyway : )

5:00 pm Thursday evening…….

So I find myself with my projects finished….and the tables all cleaned up….but not enough time to start working on something new.   I’m having dinner in the shop tonight ( my new favorite Malibu burger from Morningstar Nom Nom Nom)….since there’s not enough time to get home before soccer.  I just happen upon my Pinterest boards ( big surprise) to check out what’s going on with  my crafty peeps. I would be watching Cupcake Wars on   but my laptop overheats and shuts off when I try to watch video : ( Anyhoo….by chance I find this blog called ReFashionista.

The idea behind her blog is she finds thrift store clothing items….and restyles them into something more fashionable. This intrigues me….as I love to re purpose things too.  I admit…I did scroll all the way through many many pages of posts (guess I had more time than I thought .) A lot of the clothes turned out pretty cute…even if they are not so much my style….and since I’m a Mom of 2 teenage boys, a business owner, a country girl that drives a pick up truck, and a constant home remodeler….I’m not sure I’ll be turning a pillowcase into a dress and strapping on some 4 inch heels.  But she seems to be a pretty young woman…and I can image she has lot’s of places to wear fashionable clothing to. Not to say that those of us who live out in the country can’t get our looks on too !!!

The best part of her makeovers is that she has step by step instructions for turning trash to treasure.  I’m not quite ready to start stichin up my own wardrobe….but maybe I should…considering I’m super short and can never find anything that fits right : (

The posts are pretty funny too….and she has many travel pictures. And the cutest little weiner dog named Douglass. If you like to sew….you should check it out….maybe you’ll be a fashionista too !

It’s about time to leave for soccer now….hope it’s not too cold. Yesterday we had blizzardy conditions for most of the afternoon. Gotta love springtime in Michigan.

I hope you all enjoy a happy and relaxing evening : ) G


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  1. I highly doubt I could find a big enough pillow case… ROFL… I have seen some pretty cute totebags made from old tee shirts though. Enjoy your evening…. Im still being a sickling on the couch. Gotta get better for next Tuesday night!!

  2. Hi…just read your blog about the thrift store clothing. Here in Los Angeles bed bugs have become an epidemic. If you don’t know about how horrendous bed bugs can be, there are homeowners that have actually walked away from their homes without one stitch of clothing or furniture. That’s how hard it is to get rid of them. They have found that there are a LOT of bed bugs in thrift shops, such as the Goodwill and Salvation Army, (not to mention movie theaters). So I’m only sending this out to you as a warning to be cautious. I hear that if you put items in the dryer on HOT HOT HOT, for about 30 minutes, it will kill the bugs, but to keep them in a sealed plastic bag from the car to the dryer. Carolann


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