Graphic 45 Design Team 2013 Audition


Yay…it’s that time to audition for the Graphic 45 Design Team.  What a terrific opportunity to play with the beautiful paper patterns and create unique projects with my own personal style.  G45 only picks the best of the best so I brought my A game. There’s a whole lot of pics here…so I’ll keep the words to a minimum. I hope you enjoy my projects as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Project 1: Secret Garden Card

IMG_1239IMG_1242IMG_1247Project 2: Vivre Album

IMG_1210IMG_1216IMG_1218IMG_1220IMG_1221IMG_1222IMG_1224IMG_1228IMG_1229IMG_1235Project 3: Asian Inspired Layout


IMG_1198IMG_1200Project 4: Halloween Hutch


Project 5: Layout in Lavender



Project 6: Tag Booklet

IMG_1289IMG_1292IMG_1293I did warn ya….lot’s of pics lol. So everybody wish me luck. It would be such an incredible opportunity to work with such a talented group of designers and beautiful papers.

I hope you all enjoy a happy and productive day and find some time to be creative : ) G

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  1. I couldn’t imagine why you weren’t picked before.. so extra good luck wishes this time. Your work here (and always) is just fabulous!!!!

  2. Each One is Gorgeous.!!!..and of course you know I think you should make the team…I honestly don’t see how you couldn’t…All the details and time you put into these show how much you love the G45 papers…and love playing with paper! Woot Woot…
    Hugs and Smootches from your BFF..:0)

  3. You would be a fabulous choice for the team. My fingers are crossed for you. I must confess to not remembering the Halloween Hutch from before, but it is SENSATIONAL! So much to learn from the detail. Good Luck.

  4. Your projects are amazing Ginny and they would be crazy not to select you for the Design Team!! You are a huge asset to the RRR design team and I know you will be for Graphic 45 too!

  5. I just had to comment today to let you know how much I love every one of these gorgeous creations. Best of luck to you.

  6. I love each any every one of them. The Halloween Display is particularly impressive. I am so inspired by your work and attention to detail. Graphics 45 would do well to have you on their team. My best wishes to you!!

  7. Ginny, that Halloween Hutch alone should have gotten you through to the top 30. It’s amazing! So many gorgeous details, beautiful fussy cutting, and great composition. Never doubt yourself again. Your work is beautifully composed, whimsical and full of life. I’m a huge fan! xoxo

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