Sweet Liv Layout


I’ve created another layout display for my shop. My niece Crystal was so kind to let me use this beautiful picture of her daughter Olivia.

IMG_1070Is there anything cuter than a little girl eating an ice cream cone with sprinkles??? Nope! I choose to work with the sweet blue patterns from Lily Bee and pair them an awesome faux wood from My Mind’s Eye. The paper lace border was a kind donation from friend Bobbie. I stitched these layers down for detail…but it also keeps my layout super sturdy since it will be hanging in the shop.

IMG_1026I choose to frame the picture in painted chipboard. To the top and bottom I added some beautiful Diamond Satin Blue Topaz trim. Not only does this help cover what would be too much white frame…but it adds a lovely texture too. I attached it with my favorite Scor-Tape from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I used the Scor-Tape to attach the frame to the page and add the chipboard flourishes.

IMG_1030There’s some hand crocheted flowers layered in with the franken-flowers here. what are franken-flowers you ask???? Well it’s various parts scavenged from lot’s of different flowers and reassembled to give them new life. Don’t you just love the blue checkered brad???? Me too!!

IMG_1032Under this collection of franken-flowers I added a few tags. They’re a great way to fill space and stretch your embellishments.

This layout will look fabulous hanging in the shop : ) Stop by and check em out if you’re in the area!!!!

I’ve been working hard at improving my pictures of my projects so I can share all the fabulous little details and get the colors as close to real life as possible. Adding a light box was a great way to focus the light where I want…and get it evenly displayed around my projects…it’s simple really….just a painted shelf backdrop with large pieces of white poster board. I noticed an improvement right away. The light box has had an addition unintended use…..it’s the perfect gray cat attractor. Everytime I get it out and turn on the lights……Lily shows up : / and gets in the way of the camera lol. But she is too cute so here is her close up….

IMG_1088Not close enough?????

IMG_1089This happens every time I try to work at home lol. It’s amazing I get any good pics at all.

Okay…that’s it for this layout. Make sure you check out the second post for the day for some exciting news!

I hope you all enjoy a happy and productive day and find some time to be creative : ) G


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  1. What a beautiful little girl. I.m sure this beautiful layout will brighten up even the darkest corner of your shop. And what a sweet looking kitty. They can be trouble makers at times. Mine wants to climb all over my worktable when I am using it. lol They may be the bosses, but they sure love their humans.

  2. Miss Meow and I so love your work Ginny. I say – this is my favorite. Then the next creation appears and THIS is my favorite. The scoop is EVERYTHING you do is out-of-the-ordinary equisitely beautiful – to die for . XXOO V.

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