Plans are changed….


Plans are changed with one day to spare before our family vacation to sunny Florida. Our poor little kitty baby Tinker wasn’t looking so good…so I took him to the vet and they urged me to rush him to emergency. Thankfully D.H. Kenny was able to drive us the 45 minutes it took to get to Milford to the pet hospital. The Dr. shared with us that he had a completely blocked urethra : ( literally within an hour of it being a life or death situation. Luckily Tinker pulled through his emergency procedure just fine and is resting comfortably in the vet hospital for the next three days. We will be staying here instead of going on our trip   so we can bring him home on Monday.  It just goes to show…you should always trust your instincts when it come to your pets. It would have made for a very blue Christmas if we had lost Tinker.

20121220_190232-3So now that we’re staying home I guess I should put up a tree and deck the halls a little bit for my boy’s who were really looking forward to spending Christmas day on the beach. I’ve already gotten my gift….a happy healthy furry Tinker baby : )


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  1. So happy your Tinker will be well again! Our little dog Cody, who has had only one eye since last April, went bind in the other eye this week (genetic issues) and it is so sad. However – he is not in pain and he is otherwise healthy and happy, just a little confused right now. It’s too bad these things happen at this time of year – but all the more to be thankful for!

    I love all your projects, you are a real inspiration to me. Merry Christmas!
    P.S. I live in Sarasota, FL and I’d rather be somewhere chilly/snowy/cold for Christmas! I think 80 is just too warm for this time of year! Maybe we should trade places. . .

  2. Bless your family. How
    many folks would have shown the love and devotion you gave to your furbaby. I live in Fl too, it is cold here this morning and will be for the next few days. Wishing you a merry, safe, and happy Christmas. You certainly do know the reason for the season and live it too.

  3. So glad Tinker is better. Our pets are our children too. You have a good, kind heart. Tinker is a lucky cat to have you for a Mom. Happy Holidays.

  4. Glad to hear Tinker is mending. What a poor little baby. All things happen for a reason and I guess your trip south was just not meant to happen this year. The card for Jack turned out so cute. I found some mini pine cones for the bow. Now on to Archies.
    Thanks for letting me come play paper yesterday. I had such a good time. Cindy LOVED her card. All is well. Have a Merry Christmas. Nev

  5. So sorry you had to change your Christmas plans but VERY happy to hear Tinker is going to be okay. God bless you for caring about your animals like you do. A Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Tucker and I will be in to see you next month!

  6. Family always comes first… regardless if 2 legs or 4! Hope all is ok now…. thank you for posting! happy new year to you and yours!

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