Garland Tutorial for Bottle Brush Trees


I have recently discovered the bottle brush bleaching technique. The results were so amazing that I bleached all my little trees. Now how to decorate them? Today I’ll be sharing an easy peasy tutorial on how to crochet a sweet little garland.

First a sneak peek at the finished trees….

IMG_0456I used Ivory Wrinkle Ribbon and Silver Metallic String from Really Reasonable Ribbon to create my garland.

IMG_0457I should mention that the little trees started out looking like the one on the right. After bleaching (do this outside!!!) and allowing to dry I gave them a very generous dry brushing ( do not use your favorite brush) : ( and then added tinsel glitter flakes to make them sparkly.

IMG_0448-002IMG_0451-001IMG_0453-001I used ivory and silver…but you could come up with an infinite number of combinations of ribbon and string to create a look that will be very unique. I also think this little garland could be used on lots of crafts or card making or scrapbooking : )

IMG_0455IMG_0460IMG_0459I’ll be adding these little trees to my village vignette. The would also be beautiful in a cloche ( don’t have one of those yet…maybe I’ll ask Santa)  I have also seen them in shabby pink swoon.

That’s it for my tutorial….better go find your crochet hook and get busy making tiny garlands! I hope you all enjoy a happy and productive day and find some time to be creative : ) G


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    • Are you meaning the base of the tree? They already had those little bases on them. I found a variety …some had “bark” and some had “snow”. I found a nice selection at Menard’s. I’m thinking I’ll go back after the holiday and see if they clearance them and have some for next year…then I can bleach them in the summer outside. Hope this helps : ) Thanks for the lovely comment ! G

  1. These are so sweet! Thanks for the tutorial on the adorable garland…I am so gonna try this! My husband works at Menards, guess what he’s gonna look for on Monday…
    Holiday Hugs,

  2. well girlfriend they turned out beautiful. and the garland is pretty grand have a wonderful weekend, luv you and merry christmas to all.

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