Vintage Halloween in the shop


As promised…here are the pics from the other side of the large center island display. I think they turned out great considering I had to stand on a chair…lol. Have I ever mentioned that I am super short? Anyway…this side is all fun vintage inspired pieces I’ve been collecting.

These black cats are too cute to be scary…especially with their little hats on. I borrowed a little backdrop from the black wreath and pumpkin from the other side of the display.

These are my favorite with their big cheesy grins. Notice they are all carrying trick or treat buckets? lol

This is the new kid in the collection. I picked him up at Screams Ice Cream shop in Hell right around the corner from where we live. No kidding…there really is a Hell Michigan. And we only live like less than 10 minutes away lol. Insert jokes now….I don’t live in Hell…but I can see it from here hahahaha. Okay…not too funny…give me a break it’s 5 in the morning!

When I get back to the shop I’ll be loading up all this decor for the year. And trying to figure out how to run power to the center island for my large Christmas carousel. How’s that for a teaser??? LOL

Hope you all enjoy a happy and productive day and find some time to be creative : ) G


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