Vintage Halloween Book Giveaway


Are you getting your little ghost and ghouls ready for  trick or treating? What a great time of year when our little ones get to live their imagination and be what ever they want to be. My little ones are not so little anymore. We haven’t trick or treated for years now. But we haven’t given up on the holiday…we just changed our tradition. We plan our yearly family trip to Cedar Point. For all of you not from this area…Cedar Point is a totally fabulous theme park filled with awesome roller coasters and rides…and for Halloween they go all out and decorate every square inch with skeletons and hearses and anything spooky. The also have quite a few haunted houses and a straw maze. It’s not for the weak though…as it usually starts out nice…but gets chillier as the day goes on. This however keeps the line short at the rides…and everyone in my little family are coaster junkies.

I decided it would be a great time to have a fun giveaway. I enjoyed making this vintage Halloween book….and some lucky winner will enjoy filling it with pics of their little spookable and mementos of their holiday celebration.

Ready to get your name entered for a chance to win this awesome little Halloween Mini? Just follow these simple easy peasy steps. 1. comment on this post and share with me your favorite family tradition for Halloween. 2. Please enter only once per IP address…this makes for a more fun and fair giveaway so no entries for imaginary friends, pets, or long passed relatives. 3. You must be a follower to be eligible to win. Already a facebook follower??? That’s awesome…thanks!!! You still need to be a blog follower to be entered. Just click the button that says “sign me up” it’s right above the blog hits section on the right side of the screen. Sorry those who are only comment followers will not be entered. 4. you can start entering as soon as this post goes live and you’ll have until midnight on Halloween to get your name entered. 5. I’ll draw the name of the lucky winner and announce it in a special post November 1st. Good luck to all who enter. I can’t wait to read your comments!

I used My Mind’s Eye Papers and trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon to create this awesome Halloween mini.


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  1. Our Halloween tradition, now that the kids are grown, and dont go out trick or treating, is to drive around like we do at Christmas and look at the Halloween decorations people put up.

  2. This is super cute!

    My favorite Halloween tradition is…As a family we go to the pumpkin patch about a week before Halloween. We always get one pumpkin per person. Then around 3 days from Halloween we all get back together to carve our jack-o-lanterns. My son is 3 and he loves getting to help pull out the “guts” with his aunt, uncle, grandpa, and grandma. It is so special that he gets to share so many wonderful memories 🙂

  3. I am in awe of your work and I wish you would offer international posting! Thanks too for introducing me to new paper collections and RRR (just signed up for the club. Our Halloween tradition, ever since my boys (now young men)were small has been the overnight visit from Father Pumpkin. “He” (!) leaves a little stash of goodies outside their bedroom doors. In the morning everyone comments “he’s been.” I still decorate the house and the dining table and in the evening we a themed meal that usually involves one of my cocktail inventions. Everyone groans and pretends to be embarrassed by all the decor but, secretly, they would be upset if I didn’t do it!

  4. love the book! so much talent and imagination….. Our favorite tradition is to buy one of those super large Hersey Bars and as some point during the trick or treating, give it to some lucky child and tell them that they have the ‘best’ costume…..

  5. Halloween is our favorite time of the year. My kids are now grown but we still love to decorate and go all out for halloween-we always love to watch the kids out trick or treating. I love your posts and look forward to them in my in box. I have wondered how you made these albums-I have seen the wallet folding but your looks different.

  6. Would love to have one of your beautiful creations Polly. Our favorite tradtion here is to go out and find the funky pumpkins to carve. The idea is to find the wierd ones not the round ones.

  7. So cute, I was eyeing this when I was in your shop the other evening! Favorite tradition is happening tomorrow night…a pumpkin carving party with judging at the end of the party!

  8. What a creative album and and exciting giveaway! My husband and I were married on Halloween 14 years ago. Several years later, my son and his wife blessed me with my first grandchild and then my second. This created a bit of and issue as I was determined not to miss sharing Halloween with Noah and Emma, EVER, as Halloween is too much fun to miss sharing with them. Then memories are too previous to miss so a compromise quickly resulted with trick or treating with the grandkids and a late anniversary dinner with hubby, sometimes in costume! My favorite was the year we were pirates. This quickly became our Halloween tradition.

  9. I love, love, love Halloween. I start decorating on Oct 1 and don’t take anything down til Nov 4. That’s my wedding anniv. and a time for changing to another Holiday. The best thing is that I now fuss all over my grandkids; helping to get ready for the big 31st event and making it a mysterious time. Baking crazy and spooky treats, We make crafts to decorate their houses and plan a big spooky feast. What a great time we have!

  10. Beautiful mini album!!! Halloween is my favorite holiday because of the kids! I love making treat bags for them and make 250 every year. They love getting something other than the typical candy. I decorate my house as much as I do at Christmas. The one meal that’s traditional is “fingers in blood” (chili dogs). And of course there is my blinged out witch’s hat. 🙂

  11. I love the little book. Are you going to make a tutorial for it? My favorite Halloween family tradition is the party I do for my daughter’s birthday, it’s on Oct. 31st. Sometimes it’s a challenge doing both birthday and Halloween in one, but it’s always fun and unique, lol.

  12. I have really enjoyed your Halloween cards and scrapbooks. I wonder how much the U.S. now spends on this holiday. We always made popcorn balls for the ‘trick or treaters’ and years later that turned into rice krispy bars.

  13. What a great book. HHalloween is my second favorite holiday. I bake Halloween goodies with my granddaughter and then go trick or treating with her and now her brother who is 14 months. I dress up too as a witch and we have a great time. I love your work and wish I was closer to go to your classes.

  14. This book is adorable! My favorite Halloweens were when I was growing up. There were so many kids in the neighborhood you couldn’t even walk on the sidewalks! You couldn’t take a break because there was a constant stream of trick-or-treaters. It was great!

    • I’m so glad you made it to the shop today : ) I had lot’s of fun on our little shopping Dexter excursion. I told Kenny I should get some granola bars for the trick or treaters here in town on Halloween…he said it was worse than not handing out candy at all lol. I had the supplies for your kit BTW.

  15. Hi there!
    Our favorite Halloween tradition is Halloween camping at Bishop Lake Campground at Brighton State Recreation area. We bring our camper out, pray for good weather and have a really good time hanging out and participating in all things fun and Halloween!!

  16. Great mini scrapbook… and I’m lovin’ these skull people. I made some “trade card” for my 10 year old grandson who wants “a scary Halloween card” this year.. no more cute stuff for him!!!! Don’t really have a Halloween tradition.. just giving out candy to the trick or treaters…and we buy the GOOD stuff. That way when/if there’s some left over.. we get to eat good candy!!!

  17. So, our family tradition involves our whole wonderful neighborhood. Someone usually hosts a costume party for the adults the weekend before Halloween day. Then for Halloween day we get CraZy decorating outside. Most neighbors have special treats for the kids that live on our block. I love when people compliment me on our house – we’ve even had a few people ask to take pictures! Inside our house gets decorated a couple weeks ahead of Halloween & I am not allowed to do it without the kids- they really love helping. We can’t wait until Wednesday! That absolutely adorable book you made would fit right in with our Halloween decor!. Hope you & yours have an exciting & safe holiday!

  18. I love all your creations and this is no exception! It’s a shame I’m not in the US! 😦 My family don’t really have a Halloween tradition because my parents and many of my school friend’s parents thought trick or treating was “A form of begging and frightens old ladies” so we were never allowed to go out & just had parties at home with friends. Now that I’m older I have discovered the local Wiccan Coven have an open ritual on St Annes Hill (reportedly the most haunted site in England) so I go along to that & it’s really good – there’s food & drink, poetry, singing and a period of reflection to remember those who aren’t with us anymore. I think this will become my Halloween tradition.

  19. Your Halloween book is gorgeous Ginny. Hmmm, I don’t have too many Halloween traditions going any more with the kids grown and out of the house but when they were little I always made them fun Halloween costumes and we’d participate in our local Halloween parade. I hope the kids around here in the Northeast don’t miss out on Halloween again this year with the storm. Last year we had a foot of snow on the ground for Halloween. Crazy weather!!

  20. Adore your mini albums. (You are actually the one who got me started making them, because for a long time, yours were the only ones I loved!). And why does it not shock me that you are part of a roller coaster junkie family?

    Halloween is celebrated by getting my art buddies (artistic hens) together to make masks, or headgear, or just fun cards to send folks. Every holiday is an opportunity to create!

  21. Our favorite Halloween tradition is hitting every fall carnival we can possibly find! Hay rides, haunted houses, pony rides….we love it all!

  22. We always had take out Chinese food on Halloween night! No work cooking, no clean up and lots of time left to Trick or Treat!

    • Linda…we are making Chinese for dinner! Are you enjoying the holiday with your grandsons? I’m posting the class for wed tomorrow….Cindy already signed up and Bobbi. You want the fourth seat?

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