Requests for Card Kits


 Thanks to all the Peeps for  the lovely comments on my card classes. I’ve gotten some requests for kits to make these vintagey cards from some of you who can’t make it to the classes here in the shop. 

I can make up 4 of these kits and offer them in the etsy shop. I’ll include some easy peasy instructions and send emails with pics of the remaining cards to those who purchase the kits. All the pieces are precut…so they go together very nicely. Please email me at vnemchak@hotmail if you would like me to make you a reserved listing for the kit.

Update….Wow…what a response. Thanks to everyone who contacted me to order a card kit. I’ve set up your reserved listings in the Etsy shop…and sent you a link to your listing in your email. Unfortunately I can’t take anymore orders for this kit : ( Be on the lookout for more kits soon from our upcoming classes : )


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  1. Miss coming into your shop, heard it’s a success. You know I had been under the weather with my back, well I finally got it fixed. Spinal surgery, 3 hr surgery. Now I have a long recovery Feet are swollen I have a 6!inch scar on my back and have to have a walker and a cane to get around, but when all of this is healed like it’s supposed to, I will be in much better shape. I heard from my art teacher she met you in Michaels.She said you were real sweet, but we all know that. I hope to be around your shop when I am able to go out without falling. Take care of yourself and your family. Youe friiend Pat Hilton

  2. I’m one of the lucky ones who purchased one of these kits and I am so excited! The purchase was so easy and now I anxiously waiting for my kit! Thanks Ginny!!!

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