Butterfly Art Journal Smash Book


Another request came in this week to create an art journal smash book with a vintage butterfly card I had made recently on the cover. Could I turn no an offer to make an art journal???? Nope : ) She intends to use it to store favorite greeting cards so I gave her some extra large metal rings for the cover so she’ll have plenty of room as her collection grows. I also added some tabbed divider to keep the cards organized. Loads of little pockets and room for pictures and journaling.

These pages have pockets for mementos and pictures that have writing on the back. I stitched them up to be extra sturdy. I think it also gives it a nice texture.

I added a few of my favorite trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I went ahead and stitched these on too…since I had the machine out.

This page has a corner pocket dressed with chipboard and vintage buttons.

This picture is a little blurry : ( The page is made from an envelope…so there’s another pocket to put goodies in. I added typography here as requested. I love how the smaller pages look when you can see the larger pages behind.

I added 6 of these  tabbed topped dividers…they will be a great place to add pic’s and journaling….as well as keep the cards organized.


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  1. I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love with this scrapbook. My daughter would have been mad for it too. Her two favorite icons together – Butterflies and Paris. You are so talented Ginny! Virginia

  2. so clever and she will love it. gads, i’m so far behind,with everythng, still don’t have the pool drained all the way, might have to use for a skating rink.

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