Delight in the little things mini


My very very dear friend Jane who normally brings me in challenging items to work into my projects through me a curve ball Tuesday…she brought me in some tabbed dividers. WHAT????? Something NORMAL??? No Feathers or spoons?? Or peat pots??? Just when I thought I had her figured out I was a long way from St. Louis Louis.

So I thought to myself…”self you should try and do something different too!”  Here is something I don’t normally do…Go Simple : )

I can hear the collective “awwww”. Pooh Bear has a special place in all our hearts. And piglet too. Maybe it was your first soft squishy toy to sleep with? I found these Pooh die cuts that had glitter on them. SOLD!!! And they go so well with the Simple Stories Baby Steps paper. The trim of course is from RRR.

I suppose I’ll have to plan to create something very over the top today to make up for being simple on Tuesday right??? I’ve got Donna and Patsy coming in to play today…so that should be no problem lol.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and find some time to be creative : )


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  1. some day i’ll find something to stump you, you made simple index cards so adorable for some new mom to adore. this will make a wonderful shower gift.

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