More Journal Jotter Notebooks!


I am now obsessed with making the notebooks! I may have to give up my day job. Okay…not quite that far off the deep end. Coming up with coordinated patterns to cover the extra sturdy tabbed dividers is a fun challenge : )

D.H. Kenny and I went out to get more supplies after the tennis meeting last night so I can keep on working making these great little journal/notebooks! The best part about them besides that they’re just so darn cute and super sturdy is that they’re refillable!

There’s a few still available in the etsy shop : ) Most of the first round are already gone!


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  1. I love Tabbed anything!! Love them all..but my FAVES…are the ruler paper and the little elephants :0)…Super adorable!!
    Hugs and smootches from your BFF

  2. Wow…these are awesome!! I really love all the different designs. Your super-awesome creative gene is really cooking…hahahaha
    hugs and fishes

  3. Oh Ginny these so beautiful they took my breath away. Just think of all the wonderful things one can write in these little darlings. Recipes – poems of love, names of grand children, your measurements when you were 16. The names of old boy friends. Your favorite songs. All would deem themselves more than worthy to be held between the covers of these books. Virginia

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