Journal Jotter Notebooks and Hop Update


I am having myself a good ol time making these great journal jotter notebooks. I’m using those file folders donated by friend Kim as a base for  tabbed ring bound notebooks. The funnest part is choosing coordinating papers to accent the dividers. I can think of a million uses for these notebooks like keeping track of your ink colors so when you go shopping you wont select an ink you already have! Or to-do lists. Or recipes. Or inspirations for future art projects. Or shopping lists. See the list goes on and on! The best part is they’re supper study and easy to refill…so once all the pages are used…just reload it and start again : ) I’m thinkin everyone on my Christmas list this year will be getting these in they’re stockings. Oh and for the teachers and bus drivers. Thoughtful and practical.

So now you can tell I’ve taken a trip to Crazy Town making all the great little notebooks. By the end of the day I hope to have them all listed in the etsy shop. Click on the link to check out the details.

Now for the blog hop update. Tomorrow will be the Really Reasonable Ribbon blog hop that should be lot’s of fun. Make sure you play along to see all the great projects from Polly’s and the Design Team. Bonnie and I have worked out a plan to create a coupon code for a fun giveaway to celebrate my 200th sale on etsy: ) It’s a great prize for a giveaway and the winner will get to go on a little shopping spree on me! Make sure you tune in tomorrow for the details and to get entered in the giveaway. You know I love me some RRR trims! Hope you all enjoy a happy and productive day! G


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  1. Love these. Cute and clever. What a great idea for birthday gifts or stocking stuffers. Nice to make some in advance so you can have something to give on a moment’s notice.

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