What to do during a power outage?????


We’ve been experiencing some really crazy weather here in Michigan with the temps being in the upper 90’s and 100’s.  This brings on extreme thunder storms that have caused pretty widespread power outages. Luckily for me the shop has nice big windows to let in the light so I just stayed positive and kept on working : )

I’m still working with large coin envelopes that I created with craft paper and filled with scrap cardstock for sturdiness and weight. This time I added tons of layers of chipboard stickers and printed journal tags in endless fun combinations. What a great way to use up my stash of salvage and scrap items : )

I’ve also added die cuts and doily’s, buttons and bows.

I mixed and matched vintage with retro style for my own unique combinations.

This color scheme is a little unexpected…but certainly cheerful : )

I used a tiny printed sheet music from Graphic’s fairy for my background and add lot’s of dimension with layered chipboard stickers.

I found that by using 2 identical journal cards…one right side up and one upside down…I could make a nice large border for my background. The craft paper is a nice neutral..making a set of what might look like mismatched cards.

My original plan for these cuties was to bind them and add tags to create a book…however this is the 1st five cards of twelve that I created yesterday…so way to thick to make into a book. Maybe they will become journal covers to make holiday planners…or maybe strung together for a banner….or just individual cards with tags : ) I’ll share more tomorrow…hope you all have a wonderful day and find time to be creative : )


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  1. I know you’re sweltering. No power. No air-conditioning. Yet there you are cool as a little cucumber. Working Away. Elegant and whimsical creations Ginny. Virginia.

  2. hey your thinking positive, thinking about christmas should make you feel cooler. stay cool, thank you Lord for a.c.

  3. I love these…what are the dimensions of the envelopes you’re making? You’re getting me inspired..even to making Christmas cards earlier than the first week of Dec!!!

  4. These are adorable. Ok, I was thinking………… we really need to organize a blog hop like we talked about earlier this summer. Get a handful of your followers willing to give up a “prize” and follow the hop! Let me know if you are interested and we can get something planned.

  5. Your envelopes are so festive and great way to use up all those little bits you just can’t stand to get rid of. These would be great for gift cards at Christmas. Too pretty to be over looked when tucked in the tree!
    I have been making Christmas cards too. It seems so relaxed and peaceful doing them this time of year. I think I will try doing them up every year from now on in the middle of summer.
    Thanks for sharing and hope they get your electrical problems fixed soon! 🙂

  6. I’m sooooooooo ready for this heat wave to be over with!!!! We didn’t lose power though thank goodness! Loving these creations, adorable die cut pieces and as always, loving the doileys!

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