Precious Gift Baby Card


Here’s a sweet little card I made today at the shop. It’s created with another large coin envelope style pocket to hold a nice big tag.

I really think that rubons are an embellishment that gets a bad wrap.  People are always telling me that they have had difficulty in the past getting them to transfer well…so they just give up on them. Well I have to say they’ve come a long way…and are incredibly easy to use. I added the sentiment to the front of this card from a page of rubons. It helps to fill in what might have shown as negative space at the bottom of this nice vintage image. The fun pink ticket is from Graphics Fairy.

Pretty vintage buttons and trim are a must have for a Polly’s card.  The subtle green accent is from a rubon sheet : )

To make this card a little different and unique I added the tag to sign…rather than opening it like a traditional card. This might also be a nice place to add gift card or check for the new parents. 


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  1. Beautifully done, as always! I just love all the attention to detail. I always look for the famous doilies…:). Love the envelope pocket as well.

  2. I love this mini! Did you buy the coin envelopes or did you make them from original craft paper?! I have made a few but used the yellow envelopes, the craft are much prettier!! They make great birthday or christmas gifts, filled with gift cards!!

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