Why yes….I did use nearly an entire pack of stickers on one card : )


Haven’t had much time to post this week what with all the Fathers Day and Graduation events going on. I did manage to get this sweet card done at the shop. I may have gone a bit overboard with the stickers…if that’s even possible : )

I think these stickers coordinate so well with the lovely vintage image from Graphic’s Fairy : ) The button card image is from Karen also!

I know everyone will have a laugh at my need to cut things out….but I had to trim the border off these beautiful flower stickers and I’m so glad I did….it makes them shabylicious! The bling is sooo over the top girly.

I placed the butterfly at the top and it looks like the sweet little girl is painting it : ) Mismatched buttons are my absolute favorite. The pretty little doily’s were a kind donation from dear friend Jane. Jane and I had a wonderful time making fairy headbands for her granddaughters birthday party. Happy Birthday Autumn! I also enjoyed an almost surprise visit from my bestie from Muskeegon  Lisa. Thanks for spending the day with me last Saturday!

These stickers are very dimensional. So far this is a card….but it may get a shabby chic frame.

Okay…it was just so much fun last week getting to read all the ‘getting to know you‘ comments…lets try it again this week. List 5 things about yourself that are totally creative and totally random.

1. I hate winter. And snow. And ice. And cold. Odd considering I live in Michigan.

2. I am trying to grow my bangs out for like the 800th time. This time I’m gonna stick with it lol.

3. Cheapo bulk food gummy bears are my favorite treat.

4. I have 4 cats. I do not consider myself a “crazy cat person” I’m sure other people do. I know who you are by the way!!! LOL

5. I am the least technology friendly person I know. Odd considering I live in a house with 3 computer geeks.

Okay…your turn to join in the fun.


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  1. hey i luv your card, i had a great comment started but with a slip of my little finger i lost it all. so i will start over. 1. i am not computer friendly by any means. 2. i’m pretty messy when i craft, just ask ginny.3. i have 3 beautiful daughters, 7 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren and 1 on the way.4. i, have very special friends who accept me for who i am and don’t really care if i don’t dust, have a few dishs in the sink, and usually have a load of laoundry to fold, laying around. i like winter, so i can hibernate and get into a really good book and eat junk, with the excuse it’s to cold to go out. like i said i can’t figure out how to correct spelling mistakes. and i luv to play at ginny’s. she is so cool and fun.

  2. 1 – So happy to read u r a great grandmother..at almost 70 I feel I am too old to be crafting.
    2 – I also love winter and seeing snow…makes me feel cozy inside and inspires me to create.
    3 – Summer doesnt inspire and I am glad when it is over….makes me feel depressed. Why?
    4 – I love watching TV while I craft….especially movies.
    5 – Art Journals, Glue Books…I love them but get confused which I am learning to do…lol

  3. I wanted to make a wedding card for my Grand-daughter. I went to you for inspiration. I inspire to create cards as beautiful as yours. Perhaps I’ll post what I made – if I get up the courage.
    Five random things that people don’t know about me.

    l. I am mad for boxing. Try to never miss the Friday Night Fights.
    2. In another life I had a television show called Too Pretty To Open (TV was still black and white then)
    3. I am not competitive. So I have a lot of fun playing cards and games.
    4.My husband is considerably younger then me.
    5. I did the make up for our Prime Minister (President in your country) after he won an election (still black and white TV)

  4. Beautiful card! Ok, my five completely random things: 1. My joints are hurting me way too much for 38 yrs old, need to start working out again and get in shape… 2. I think I am more scared about my daughter going to kindergarten than she is. 3. I have finally decided after 20 years to chop my hair off! 4. I absolutely hate the weather in Michigan and wish I had a basement to hide from tornadoes. 5. I really wish I had paid more attention in my high school art classes, or taken some sort of art/design class in college (for the extremely short time I spent in college!)

  5. Love the card! Will have to try to scraplift! I too am soo ipressed with your style. Sometimes very feminine, sometimes not so much. I really enjoy your blog, lots of humorous things going on.
    1.Don’t hate winter, but like it better than summer!
    2. Avid gardner. Flowers and veggies
    3. 2 cats and 1 very old dog! Would love more cats, but present ones are very jealous. lol
    4.Love to ride motorcycles
    5. Love to camp and go 4 wheeling in my jeep.

  6. I love how the card turned out! Yeah, I hate the cold Winters too. I’m in Illinois. June is going by way to quickly and I’m a little afraid that I’m going to wake up one morning and realize that Summer has already passed. I really dread our Winters. =)

    Blessings… (the other) Polly

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