Happy Fathers Day to Kenny


Just want to wish Kenny a very happy Fathers Day. He has left for the week to take the kiddos to Boy Scout summer camp. I will be missing them greatly and hope they have lot’s of fun and get home safely. Kenny was just given the opportunity to join the Order of the Arrow…an honor for sure and one that I think is well deserved. They spent their weekend cleaning out the camp and planting trees and doing general maintenance to keep the camp awesome for the rest of the scouts to enjoy. They worked very hard and I’m am super proud of them! Kenny mentioned that the mosquitoes were really bad so for his Fathers Day gift…I made him some little bean bags he can spray with repellant and scatter around the floor of his tent. Hopefully this  will create a bug free perimeter to sleep in. I also picked up a bar of lemon Grass infused soap from Artistica which I’m told is a natural repellant.

I was able to use a fabric sample book from Ann at Artistica to create the cover for these little bags. A simple wrapping of craft paper and twine with a tag.

Lily must have thought she was part of the gift! Or maybe she’s just a camera hog!

Happy Father’s day to my Dad Michael also. Sorry I didn’t get your card mailed in time : /


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  1. Ginny, you’ve given me an absolute whiz of an idea re the mosquito bags. I am going to make some for The Good Husband to clip on his climbing rack. When he prespires the repellant just drifts off. and it is impossible to swat at mosquitoes when you are climbing. Virginia

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