Inspired by Virginia


My post for today was inspired by my new friend Virginia. She is the lovely and talented creator of Bel’ Occhio’s. A blog about life, food, and friends. We have recently begun communicating back and forth and I must say she is so absolutely charming and we share loads of things in common! Her writing style is sooo engaging and I find I could read her posts and be enthralled to the very end. She has a way of sharing that draws you in and makes you feel like part of the story….be it memoirs of her family or pictures of tiny cute bunnies outside her window.

So today I am sharing the story of why I needed to bake today. You see…I bake to comfort myself…and today was a very off putting kind of day. My youngest son has been on a trip to an amusement park in another state with a group of friends from school band. I’m sure he is having an awesome time and I’m happy about that. But I realized he is now old enough to go on trips and have adventures without me and his Dad. And I’m sure you’ve read in a previous post that my older Son just got his first car. I know they have to grow up but it’s all coming along too fast.

So I found myself in the kitchen needing to cook. I haven’t been baking since we went vegetarian nearly 8 months ago. Not to say that I haven’t wanted too…but I’m still getting used to new ingredients that don’t preform like my old standbys of eggs and butter. I whipped up a batch of coconut chocolate chip cookies. They were not quite as tasty as my usual go to recipe of homemade oatmeal sandwich creme with marshmallow middles. But I have to say they were pretty good. They tasted better than they looked that’s for sure.

Even better with a nice cup of tea. Vanilla almond is my current favorite. I also made a pretty tasty dinner of homemade pizza with white bean sauce and sauteed peppers and onions. Kenny of course had to add a hearty heap of hummus to it : )

I also managed to clean the utility room and pantry…and do a mountain of laundry. This is the busy work I need to keep my mind off being sad. good thing he is only gone for one day…otherwise I might run out of things to clean and have to go to other peoples houses and clean out their closets and rearrange their furniture.  Don’t laugh…I’ve done it before : /

Okay that’s enough of me rambling for one day. Hope you all enjoy your evening and find some time to be creative.


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  1. i have a linen closet that sure needs some t.l.c. if you get bored. hey, just wanted to thank you for working so hard on autumn’s fairy crowns. she loved them. ginny you are such a wonderful friend, have a blessed week. luv ya, jane

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