Hydrangea Card with Bird and Banner


Here’s another sweet little card with a lovely hydrangea image from Graphic’s Fairy.

The papers are from My Mind’s Eye.

I added a nice rubon sentiment.  Well inked craft paper borders are my favorite!

The boys are off to soccer Saturday now and I’m heading off to the shop. Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day out.

It’s been such a great experience posting about my projects and life here in my little corner of the world and I think I would enjoy getting to know more about you too. I try to visit and comment on many of your blogs as well and it’s so fun to see what your up to  so here’s a  little challenge….write me a comment and tell me 5 totally random things about yourself. If this catches on I’ll post a” getting to know you” every Saturday.  Be create…after all we’re just one big happy family anyway right? Okay so here goes….

1. I love to put barbeque sauce on my spaghetti.

2. I think Harry Potter is the best movie series of all time. Ever. Period.

3. I am very very short. And I have the voice of a third grader. LOL

4. I have the attention span of a small child.

5. I am a homebody. There is no better place to be besides home. Ever. Period.

Okay…so now it’s your turn. I can’t wait to see what you share…it will be so much fun getting to know more about all of you. : ) 


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  1. I think we must be related somewhere back there. LOL. Hmmm, let’s see…..
    1. I love cats! Left to my own devices, I might just turn into one of those stereotypes. Thankfully, my husband intervenes on a regular basis.
    2. I really worry about preserving parts of our wilderness so that our children’s grandchildren will know what true open space and untouched nature look like.
    3. Hotdogs are an addiction when I need comfort food but sugar is absolutely my nemesis.
    4. As much as I say I like being social, I have to agree with you – there’s no place like home; there’s no place like home; there’s no place like home. And, my husband is even more of a homebody than I am!
    5. I come across as confident and tough but really I am old softie underneath it all and I don’t like rocking the boat.
    6. Love “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “Shawshank Redemption”, “Fried Green Tomatoes”, “Harry Potter”, “The Incredibles”, and “The Lord of the Rings” (entire trilogy).

    • I’m a cat person too! We have 4. I’d get more but my Husband thinks we have too many. As long as the pet to people ratio is equal I think it’s the perfect balance. Thanks for playing along. Can’t wait to see what you add next week: ) G

  2. 1. I love Mexican food!
    2. My 2 grandchildren are my biggest happiness, scrapbooking is second there lol
    3. Love Gone with the Wind, Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    4. I too enjoy staying at home, seems like I have enough to do right here! Tho I can be pretty social if I have too.
    5.Gardner and nature freak. Love the outdoors.

    • Seems I’m not the only hermit out there! Mexican food is sooo tasty. We’re vegetarian and one of my fav dinners is bean burrito with Spanish rice. Thanks for sharing. Will be waiting to see what you add next week.

  3. Ginny and I have been best friends Forever…well….26?? years :0)

    1. I love all critters :0) Kitties, dogs…pigs…snakes..squirrels ..mice..:0)

    2. Now that Ginny and I are vegetarian, I miss running to Wendy’s and getting exrta pickles on Ginny’s burger :0)…LOL…and my Biggie Size Diet Pepsi…with a refill….LOL

    3. I spent 2 hours yesterday pulling weeds and poison ivy out of my flower gardens… and no one would know it…LOL.

    4. I went to the antique store yesterday and didn’t buy anything!! Now you know that has to be a first!!

    5. I am very social :0), but at the same time I had the past week off work..and I stayed home and worked in my flower gardens, played with paper…ate too much healthy food (instead of the appropriate amount of healthy food) and had my parents over.

    Here are 5 things about Ginny (that you forgot to mention)….LOL

    1. Ginny’s hair and makeup are always perfect :0) Unless she is having a bad hair day (which to me her hair still looks perfect).

    2. She has a great since of humor :0)

    3. Ginny worked at the Coffee Beanery when we were in early collage, and she got me hooked on coffee :0) She would add extra caramel to my drinky!! YUMMY!!

    4. Ginny is the fastest “fussy cutter” I know. She has been “fussy cutting paper”..before the term “Fussy cutting was invented in scrapland. We would go shopping and she would get Wall paper and cut it up..and make lots of fabulous creations!!

    5. Ginny used to make yummy cole slaw…and I would make her yummy ramen noodle salad.

    Hugs from your BFF :0)

    • Heather….you are so right about your Ginny observations!! Hair and makeup perfect, even when she doesn’t think so! And we have a running joke about the fussy cutting….I can’t believe what lengths she’ll go to when I can hold a pair of scissors for more than 5 minutes. You left out great teacher though….I love how she’s always willing to share tips and tricks about paper crafting. I’ve learned quite a bit from her and I appreciate her talents greatly!

  4. Five things about Virginia
    l. I am a book addict. I haunt used book shops and collect old books. And I read, read, read, even the back of cereal boxes.
    2. I have hundreds of cookbooks. Read cookbooks in bed, then dream about the food I am going to create.
    3. I have 97 pairs of shoes and boots. Seven of them are red.
    4. I am a thrift shop addict. But I keep it under control by the “one thing in one thing out”.
    5. I love cleaning, polishing the furniture, cleaning the silver, making everything shine in our home.

  5. Five things about Tracy
    1. I have been known to read 2 books a day.
    2. I love to drive while playing loud music. SHHH…Don’t tell my teenagers.
    3. I love drinking tea… hot… cold… doesn’t matter.
    4. I have dirty sense of humor.
    5. I love to give my finished projects away.

  6. Oh what a fun challenge! Here we go:

    1. I got a novel published here in Sweden a year ago. The titel translated is “One more shot please”.

    2. I’m a heavy metal girl:). And so is my husband, thank God lol!

    3. My card making reached new levels when I found Ginny’s blog. Seriously. This is the woman I’ve learned the most from.

    4. I come from a small island in the Baltic Sea. People have lived there since the stonage. The only city, Visby, is the best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    5. My last name means angel wing and I came up with it myself since I LOVE angels:).

    Big and warm hugs!

  7. Ok.. here goes..
    #1 I am NOT a blogger.
    #2 I am short, but maybe not very very short…my mom was about 4’10” and I towered over her!
    #3 I love to bake, and eat what I bake…but love to give some away to neighbors too.
    #4 I confess I’m another homebody, and so is my husband. We love our home. He’s retired, we
    have an RV, but we haven’t used it much in the last few years. There’s no place better to go.
    #5 This blog has been a great inspiration to my card making etc. I need more people to send cards
    to!! The crafting I do be it sewing or paper crafting I give away to friends/family. When I’m told
    “you could sell this”, it’s a nice little ego boost. (But not interested in selling.)

  8. OK.. #6.. I DID NOT KNOW what “fussy cutting” was!!!! I had to Google it!! Ha..and I’ve been doing it and didn’t know it!!!

  9. Hi G, Gorgeous card. I have been thinking of these things since yesterday. So here we go.
    1. Love Pirates of the Caribbean films and HP films especially the special effects and costumes.
    2. Really like anything oldy worldy. Worn, torn and tattered.
    3. Favourite place to shop is charity shops, second hand stores and thrift stores
    4. Live in a mountain village far from the madding crowd but can be sociable … if absolutely pushed! or dragged kicking and screaming! LOL!
    5. Have been known to be a neurotic house cleaner (monica geller of Friends standard) and hate the thought of anything concerning grease. Would much rather be out in the garden.

    Such good fun. Fab idea. Lovely to learn more about everyone.
    Enjoy your day.
    Regards Florence xx

  10. Another very beautiful card, I love the details.
    Okay 5 things about Paula;
    1. I too am short, i stand at just 4 feet 11ins.
    2. I am becoming less sociable as time goes on, I work long hours & my time is very much for me here at home.
    3. I love to read, there are not enough hours to read & create.
    4. I am in love with detective programs on TV both UK & American.
    5. I am ashamed to admit i never make half the projects I plan – again not enough hours in a day.

  11. Here goes:
    1. I am a retired teacher and retired early have a major surgery – never looked back.
    2. I sometimes think that I enjoy too many things and can’t stay with just one thing – paper projects, knitting, crochets, quilting, polymer clay, oil painting as well as watercolor and acrylics, gardening — see what I mean?
    3. I still love to lay under a tree or on my back and look at the clouds – what can you find in the clouds?
    4. I’m going to Europe for the first time this Fall and I’m really excited and scared.
    5. I’m crazy about Pinterest – but who isn’t?

  12. OK, here goes…
    1) I am a firearms and archery instructor, and write a column called “Gals & Guns” for a local sports magazine.
    2) If something includes chocolate, caramel and cinnamon, I am in heaven.
    3) I am into steam punk creativity right now, but love shabby chic and country French as well. I am consumed with toile fabric.
    4) Animal lover to the nth degree…I have a Russian Blue cat named Gracie who is a fabulous friend.
    5) I have gypsy in my soul apparently, I want to travel all the time, but hubby only goes short distances. Oh, and this makes 6 things, but I read avidly and am now addicted to electronic books, thanks to my friend, Robyn!

  13. Happy Sunday!

    1. I ride a motorcycle…
    2. I met Ginny for the first time last year at her shop.
    3. I craft minimally 3 nights a week
    4. I love the heat/tropics: we travel to Mexico pretty much yearly.
    5. I LUV Mexican and Chinese foods……………. so yummy!

  14. First time here – came over from Graphics Fairy. Love that the comments are not just”cute”!

    1) I quit being Martha S. several years ago and my sanity returned.
    2) Rather have rescue dogs and cats running around the house even on a rainy day than live without their companionship.
    3) On a rainy day I love to curl up with a good read -presently it is Duma Key (Stephen King) -saved it for a year until the right time. I sleep with an extra book under my pillow in case of emergency need to read.
    4) Favorite treat is dark, dark chocolate and pistachios. Favorite drink iced sweet tea with lots of chopped lemons.
    5) I collect paper – all sorts – I have a bag of gold foil from Rollos left from making Christmas treats – waiting on the right project!

    How much fun to start my day. I will definitely be back.

    Oh, by the way – “cute” card!

  15. I’m a little late on this one, but here goes.
    1) I am a cancer survivor
    2) I love cats and dogs (have 2 cats Grayson and Toulouse, and 1 dog Maxie aka doodle bug)
    3) Crafting is my therapy
    4) I love to travel
    5) My family is everything to me!

  16. Beautiful card! Okay I shall play:

    1) I too am a cat lover… we have three. I have a dog too; but I must confess my heart is with my cats. Oh yeah, and two aquariums, two birds and a gecko… plus the wild bunnies in the yard. I am the resident Zoo keeper around here.

    2) I too love Harry Potter. As a matter of fact, last weekend while I was crafting, I watched (and listened as I had seen them all before) ALL 8 movies… in a row! Yep. My very own HP uber-marathon. It was awesome!

    3) I love to collect. My latest passion is vintage / antique goodies for my art studio revamp. Previously it has included Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beanies and PEZ (for my daughter when she was young). Don\’t call me a hoarder. Yet.

    4) I am a homebody too! Whenever asked by hubby if I\’d like to go out; I always say I want to stay home. Since I work full time, I want to spend as much time in my own place as I can.

    5) I love anything artistic: from painting to card-making… whenever I can find time to play in my studio is the best time ever.

  17. Sarah’s 5:

    1) I love chickens. Real, live chickens, preferable happy, free-range mixed flocks. I talk to my ladies daily and feed them yummy treats like overripe fruit, bread crust, and oatmeal.

    2) I edit digital romance, and have a small fiction freelance business.

    3) My mom is my best friend. I have other very close friends, but my mom takes the bff spot.

    4) I am crazy about recycling. I pull stuff from my neighbors’ trash to recycle it. Not keep it, but either add it to my recycle bin or donate it to a resale shop, etc if it’s worth it. I hate wasting!

    5) I love crafting: sewing, knitting, scrapping, painting. I rarely get to do any of it, which makes me sad.

  18. Sumaya’s list:
    1. I yearn to move to the country side and to convert a barn, church or a school into a cozy home
    2. I love all the fabulous creations by our blogger gals…you gals are fantastic
    3. I love reading phsycological thrillers, but never get time for it
    4. I am also very short and people think I am in my 30’s when I’m really turning 52 this year
    5. I wish I could spend my days doing something artistic from painting furniture to mixed media collages

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