Okay…so I’m having myself a Mom moment. Seems like just yesterday my little guy was wearing his Osh Kosh  biballs and watching Blue’s Clues and going fishing with his Dad with his Snoopy “fishing rope” and calling the firetrucks “firesharks”. Today is a huge milestone for us as #1 Son just got his first car. Oh snap…did I just say that?????

D.H. Kenny brought it home today. Alex drove us to Taco Bell for dinner LOL. Yes that is the big black truck I drive. I did mention that I’m a country girl right? Actually that’s D.H.’s truck but it got handed down to me and Kenny drives my car “awesome gray Charger” to work since he has such a long commute and it’s better for gas mileage.

Hopefully this milestone is easier with #2 Son Jonathan. I still have a few more years until he starts driving. Until then…I think I’ll go drown my misery in a festive beverage and enjoy some beautiful  weather out back and watch the sunset. Hope you all have a wonderful evening! G


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  1. Hey it will get easier. Now you just have to worry every time he leaves ……….
    No- I am not leaving blogging for the summer, just taking a break from ABC Toys & Crafts for the summer. Julie, the owner gives us the summers off.

  2. It will get easier…but it wil take awhile. Both my boys are grown men with families and only had a few minor bumps and scrapes in the first year or so of driving. We (and they) got through it all!!

  3. Oh I can totally relate to that! Time flashes by so quickly. Both my boys are married now but still won’t let me get rid of their Tonka trucks, lego space set or Matchbox cars! Weird isn’t it but maybe they’re hanging on to them in case some little boys come along in the fullness of time……. Margie x

  4. It’s interesting the small milestones you remember. My son is 43 years old, and I remember the first Mother’s day gift he bought me all on his own – a pink razor, Cars are such an important rite of passage. Your blog conjured up a lot of great memories. Thank You. Virginia.

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