Layered Greeting Card


Yikes! Haven’t had much time to post this week. Working hard to get some Mother’s Day orders done in time. This card is one I made for my dear Mother : ) She really is the best! But Texas is too far away and seems to get further everyday. Miss and love you Mom!!!

I pulled lot’s of different elements to make this card. I really love the craft envelope from Maya Road. I layered it over pretty pale patterned paper from Glitz and an inked doily.

I filled the envelope with a few tags to give it a layered look.

I trimmed the sentiment from a sheet of Crate paper. To thank my Mom for everything she does to make my life happier. The sweet little vintage bee image is from Graphic’s Fairy. A few vintage buttons finish off this sweet card.

Just wanted to share these nice pics of the ol homestead with you. Lol. This is the “back 40”

I just love living in the country : ) Here is our new froggy friend. For some reason they want to live on our porch. This does not make the cats very happy!


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  1. Wow your ” ol homestead ” is the size of a small village looks beautiful. Gorgeous card I do so love your fabulous style and this beauty is no exception.


  2. Beautiful….and I agree Texas seems like a million miles away somedays. Today is one of those days. Love you my precious beautiful daughter.

  3. Love this card. Is that a frog or a toad????? Can’t tell the size from the picture but his rough skin looks toadish!!!! Ha. Give me land lotsa land under starry skies above… don’t fence me in..Ha!

    • Could be a toad. We do have lot’s of spring peepers in the pond on the side of our property. I have to agree that the stars do look really beautiful out in the country : ) Getting ready to put our big vegetable garden in. I’ll be sharing lot’s of pics of that. What an incredible thing to go out and pick the veggies and serve them the same day : ) Nothing better than a big tomato right off the vine sliced up and severed with a little salt and pepper : ) My favorite summer side dish!

  4. Hi G, Super project. You live in a beautiful part of the world. Fab photos. Love the froggy! Could be a prince you know! 🙂
    Regards Florence x

  5. Thought I’d let you in on a little country protocol; when toads and frogs sit on or around your house, it is just as necessary to name them, as it is to name a pet who lived indoors with you. After personally testing my hypothesis – that naming an outdoor friend increases their service to you (bug eating and that sort of thing) – there were distinct differences in those named creatures’ willingness to help with the out of door chores. Our yard (less than an eighth of an acre) is now fully maintained and guarded by just two toads and a chipmunk. This is well worth the time it takes to know them and give them a fine name. (Tip: I try not to start all their names with the same letter – that seems to confuse them.

    • Marcie thanks for the protocol!!! I actually named it Tilly. Really have no idea if it’s a girl….but in the attempt to keep the girl population in our homestead from getting way to unbalanced I gave her a female name. We have 3 acres here so we’ll be needing way more outside pets to maintain our property. I will not however be naming the sandhill cranes that live in our back yard. Pretty to look at and they sound nice….but the dig in the grass and make it hard for the kids to run around in the back yard. Hope all is well with you and yours : )

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