Bee-u-ti-ful Jane Day


So you all know how my dear friend Jane brings me challenge objects. Little items to work into projects to test my creativity.  Anything from spoons to feathers. Well this week that little stinker brought me tiny peat pots and ballerina pink paint. Yeah…I know. What the heck am I gonna do with a peat pot????

I submit for your approval the”Let it Bee” Collage.

I constructed the shadow box with recycled check boxes. Covered in craft brown paper and well inked strips of Graphic 45 papers. I lined the inside with Pink Pailsee. I love the typography and music.

The pea pot is covered in strips of paper from My Mind’s Eye that are inked with Tim Holtz Wild Honey then aged with Walnut ink. I cut it in a simple wave pattern..then offset the layers. A little braided twine to cover the raw edge. The cute little door is a chip element simply inked and edged with a topaz bling strip.

The vintage bee hive and bee images are from Graphic Fairy : ) It’s framed out in painted and inked chipboard then topped off with pretty coordinating rose image. I layered in a bit of crimped craft paper for texture and a mailing tag. Two buttons and a tiny yo-yo element donated by the aforementioned Jane are simple and sweet finishing touches. Just for a bit of whimsy I included a very fancy metal embellishment with a cheeky sentiment “BUZZ” 

I wrapped the paper around the back of the pot…so no unfinished edges. I love how dimensional this is : ) I used some braided twine with knots to cover the corners where the naked box was showing.

Okay…so here I am thinking the challenge is met. But then Jane says” what about the other half of the pot?” Yikes!!!!

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  1. Wow… did an amazing job with that peat pot! What a unique and beautiful creations, I’d have never thought of turning it into a beehive! So pretty!

  2. Really, really love this. I love doing all of the tree dimensional art and this is really great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is creative to the max!!!! So Jane thought she could stump you…surprise on you Jane!!! Ha.
    This is just too charming. I have some peat pots for other projects, but this will be something I may just have to try myself. Thanks again for sharing all the materials you used.

  4. Oh and this is even sweeter in real life. Great job- I think that you passed the challenge woman! Nice visiting- I am working on my project as I type. Well not at the exact time, you know what I mean! 🙂

  5. Well you did a fabulous job the peat pot is incorporated beautifully ! Looks like your friend will just have to try a little harder. Fantastic project and all of the elements work so beautifully together.


  6. and as usual you pulled it off, it’s bee u tiful. hmmm, what can i think of next? hey everybody ginny is so talented she can use and reuse something and make it purr-fect. you go girlfriend

  7. Fabulous work with a surprise delivery .. such wonderful imagination applied .. you should be proud Ginny. Always admire your creativity each week.when I receive the mail. Keep up the fantastic work .. Hugs Annette (Australia)

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