Another Day in Janeville


I started off Jane Day with a super terrible headache…but managed to get to the shop in time.  We had a few extra peeps ( Heather and Jane’s main man Chuck) in the mix today and they were all very good sports to listen to me whine and complain about my sore head. I didn’t plan on being productive so I got out my little sewing box and set about making some flowers. Mostly for Jane since here birthday was this week.  Happy Birthday my very dear friend…love ya millions : )

I did make one of my extra poofy glitter and lace flowers for her….but with the attention span of a small child I got bored and started making little yo-yo flowers and I have to say I am hooked. They were lot’s of fun to finish off with buttons and pearls. Jane made some spectacular thank you cards and used the little flowers for embellishment. I made a few for myself and with my usual more is better philosophy….I glued them all on the same card lol.

I was going to call this my “Bee Happy” card….but that does seem a little corny. I used a few patterns from My Mind’s Eye and layered them over a chocolate colored card stock. Next came a sweet little vintage image print out and an ephemera piece from Pink Paislee. I did a bit of inking here but not too much…and added a nice creme colored bow with button.

I am lovin these little yo-yo’s. They stitched up in no time at all and lend a very homespun quality to my card. Be on the lookout for more projects with these as I am now obsessed with making them lol.

I also managed to give my Scooter Kitty a bath tonight after work. This went much better than I had expected. Maybe he thought he was at the spa???? Silly boy. He doesn’t look too mad about the whole prospect…but he isn’t wanting for attention the way he usually does in the evening. Might be pouting?

I’m thinking a glass of wine while I wait for my boy’s to get home from Scouts. Hope you all enjoy your evening : )


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  1. Maybe Kitty will feel better after he watches this sad cat and his sad life. Not sure how to link it so here’s how to find it, it’s on YouTube with the title Henri 2-Paw de Deux. It’s getting lots of attention. I came across it yesterday and forwarded the link (by e-mail) to another blogger. I tried to link here, but it didn’t highlight. Enjoy.

  2. you are such a special friend to make my day so special.luv you, even with a giant heatache you made me pretty flower yo-yo’s. thank you for my other flowers. u r bee u tiful.

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