Yep I Knew It


I knew once I had this card done it would move right into favorite position. My card from yesterday didn’t get to be #1 for long huh? I’m really quite smitten with these darling vintage children.

I used several patterns of My Mind’s Eye Paper and layered on a few vintage images. The ticket is from Graphic’s Fairy : )

I used a sewing pattern scrap to create a sweet ruffle simply by doing a running stitch through the top and gathering it until I had the length I wanted…then adhered it to the back of a doily trimmed from a sheet of M.M.E. paper. As you can see I inked all the layers well. A pretty cream colored ribbon and bow accent the vintage patterns nicely. I found two chunky chipboard flowers that coordinated perfectly.


There’s a few vintage buttons with string to finish off this super sweet charmer. I’m noticing several specs of glitter that have managed to cling to the card LOL.  What can I say??? When you get the glitter out it has a mind of it’s own. : )


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  1. very cute- wanted to stop in today after going to the dentist but I had to get back to work, maybe next week after I get a filling ( numbed up and all!).

  2. Oh I like the idea of the ruffle made from the sewing pattern! Also the buttons and that lovely pop of colour from the flowers – really nice.

  3. That card is too cute. The effect of the pattern paper ruffle is genius. Now I know why I’d want some of the old patterns at our thrift shop. Seen other uses also. Those kids on your card are so adorable. Great card.

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