Yayy Grand Opening


I had such a great time hosting our grand opening. Got to see lot’s of the Pinckney Peeps that I have been missing so much : ) And got to meet many of my blog Peeps for the first time : ) What fun to meet such nice and creative people. It certainly is a small world when you can reach out and make new friends before you ever meet face to face.

Just to recap…..the opening was a huge success….I think it may have had something to do with the Costco cake lol. I do want to thank everyone who came out and a really big thanks to my family for whom all of this would not be possible. I love you guys : )

Now that all the dust has settled I think I might try to play paper a bit today….assuming that is I can get my big bandaged thumb through the scissor handles. I’m still pretty sore…but thankful I didn’t require stitches and that I had my super awesome Boy Scout son to administer first aid.

Wishing it was as warm as it looks….oh well…at least we can enjoy the sunshine. Hope you all have a wonderful day and find some time to be creative : )


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I know how hard you’ve been working on getting the shop and fixing it up…I’m sure it’s filled with fantastic creations (made by you)! Wish I lived closed enough to drop in:)

  2. Would love to see some new photos of the shop, I bet it looks gorgeous. I agree with Maggie I wish I lived close enough to drop in. Congrats and enjoy

  3. Glad to hear you had a great day! Hope that thumb is soon healed and we can have a look at more of your creative genius!

  4. I really enjoyed all the goodies in your shop and meeting you Ginny 🙂 I’m the one that asked you about MME Miss Caroline & Dear Lizzy Neopolitan, was there with my online friend Kathy that I met for the first time at your store!! You have an amazing paper selection and I’ve been digging through the stuff I bought since I got home! I have another request!! If it’s possible for you, could you get punches and more stamps? And, have you considered Copics or selling any other types of alcohol markers? I’m a tad addicted to those right now 😉 Hope I’m not coming off as demanding?!!!??!! Purely suggestions for my new LSS! I’m so happy you’re open! Thanks for being so sweet to my daughter Emily 😉

  5. Congratulations.. your shop looks so inviting and inspiring. I’m another one who’d love to live close enough to drop in. Best wishes for a great success.

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