New Look for our New Location


We’ve got almost every little thing done and we’re ready to open our doors this morning. D.H. Kenny got some nice shots of the shop to share….we will add to these later.

I am just totally in love with the vintage style and accents. Oh and the color!!!!

A nice new home for all the pretty projects. We’ve also brought in paper pads and accessories sets. Hope you love em as much as I do.

Nice wide aisles and comfortable carpeting.

This was such a nice surprise : ) Flowers from my family and from my awesome Peeps Shelly, Sandy, Shannon, Micki, Anja and Noell. I really do love my Peeps!!!!!

Okay…so that’s a sneak peek. There will be lot’s more to come…but for now…I’ll be getting ready for my first day back to work tee hee. I know it’s not really work.

I want to thank my family for all their tireless efforts to get me open again. You guy’s are the best!!!

One last quick note….I was pretty happy to see the post featuring the top 5 at Glitz Design March Blog Challenge. I made the top 5 Yay!!! That was the icing on the cake for me yesterday!!!


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  1. I all looks gorgeous! I love the wrought iron display stand on the table and I bet you couldn’t wait to flip that door sign to show “OPEN” today. Well done!

  2. I am so excited for your Bear!!! I can’t wait to see the shop when I come up this summer. I wish I had been there for the opening!!! So very proud of my daughter and all you have accomplished!!!! Mom

  3. It looks lovely. When I think of all of the wonderful things you have made over the last couple of months as adornments, they make it even better! Congrats. Shirley

  4. I have been following your posts the past month and am very excited for you! Although I live in Seattle, it has been heartwarming for me to read and see all your enthusiasm and great store! Maybe some day I will be in the area and stop in.

  5. Was there today and it’s even more beautiful in real life! All her papers are so nicely displayed and they are ALL quality lines of paper. GREAT job on your selections for your store and the best of luck to you. I hope to get there again sometime. It was a 3+ hour drive each way, but I’m off to my favorite place in my home now….my scrap room with me new stash! Kathy Sheely

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