Sneaky Peek


As promised I’m posting some during shots of our shop.

First another look from the beginning.

Here is the during pictures. The pink paint did not come across well from the corners where I had to stand to take the pics. I was trying to stay out of the way of the guys who were putting the finishing touches on things.

The pink is really much softer than it’s showing here. I just love how the ceiling turned out. We elected to leave it open instead of dropping it in lower. The sprayed finish shows a lot of textures and brightens everything up. It’s quite a transformation so far. I’m really pleased with the work the crew did…I think it’s beautiful. It won’t be beautiful for the next week or so while we move in. It’ll be a lot worse before it gets better….you know moving lol.


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  1. How exciting! You are going to have so much fun filling all that space with goodies, Looking forward to seeing it when you are ready to open the doors (and wish I could be there when you do!)

  2. Rumors have it you are now in Dexter! I so hope this is true, as this is where I live and can’t wait until you open up. Did you weather the storm alright?

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