Flowers For Margie


After requests from new friend Margie I created a tutorial to make flowers like the ones I have been using on my projects. They are really very simple and quick to make.

Here is the finished flower…

The fabric I used came from the local quilt shop owned by my friend Jennifer. They sell bundles of coordinating patterns that are 5″ squares. Each square is enough to make 1 flower.

The bundle I choose has many vintage inspired patterns. : )

I chose this pretty blue pattern. Start by cutting the square into 6 strips. No need to be super accurate here…neatness doesn’t count.

Next cut 1 side of each strip with a scalloped edge. Good sharp fabric scissors are essential!!! The scallops do not need to be even….but they should be deep enough to emulate a flower petal. Begin a straight running stitch being very careful not to backtrack your stitches otherwise the fabric will not gather when you pull the thread.

Stitch through each section on the same thread until you have all the sections sewn into one long ruffle. Use care not to gather them too tightly otherwise they may not lay properly in the finished flower shape. Once again…the fabric will not gather if you backtrack your stitches.

Cut a small circle shape from heavy cardstock or file folder. Apply a generous amount of Tacky glue to the center of the circle and begin forming the outer edge of your flower taking care to keep the ruffled edge on the outside of the circle.

Continue wrapping the center in and press into the glue. There is plenty of time while the glue is wet to get the desired shape and size. You can pull it off and start over if you need to…but be careful not to get glue on the outside of the petals. Use a pretty brad or button for the center…or better yet find an old piece of costume jewelery for a true vintage look. Once the glue is set you can easily pull off the tiny threads from the petals using a tweezer. If you wish to leave them as I did…it gives a more textural and handcrafted look.

This looks really lovely just like this or you can add fibers and bits of sheet music or typography. I’ve also used lace trim and ribbon leaves. Pearls or beads or buttons would also make a pretty center.

Here is one more look at the finished flower. Guess I better come up with a blue project tomorrow so I can use it.

Here is a look at my lovely fabric selection to make flowers with. 

You could easily adapt this basic tutorial to your own tastes simply by cutting a different scallop shape, or using additional fabric. In a previous post I shared a flower that was solid creme colored fabric that I stamped a polka dot pattern on then inked it….so you can customize these flowers very easily.
Use these flowers for any paper or crafting project like cards, scrapbooking, tags, banners, headbands.  If you do use them on cards…beware that there is extra postage for shipping.

Okay Margie….there is your tutorial : ) Hope it helps! Email me some pics of your flowers when you start making them…I would love to see your creativity and how you use them on your projects.

The boys have left for Scouts swimming event and as I am still recovering from a root canal yesterday I think I will go curl up on the couch with scooter and a festive beverage and find something to watch on Netflix….Goodnight all : )

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  1. Thank you so much for giving the directions for your flowers. I have really been admiring them and wanted to know what you did. Thanks again. Shirley

  2. Thank you so much for your very detailed tutorial (especially for me!) You’ve really got me inspired so the material box will be coming out later on so I can give it a go. I’ll definitely let you see how I get on and thanks again. Brilliant! 🙂

  3. Oh thank you sweetie! As soon as I start making these neat flowers, I’ll email you a few pics…might be awhile since I’m in the middle of a couple ofmixed media projects right now. Just a little note to your readers: I have purchased a couple of different mini books and other items from Polly and they have all arrived just as beautiful as her pictures show..they were purchased as gifts, so now I have to purchase a few items just for me! Everyone who received an item made by Polly were just thrilled (it was difficult for me to not take the credit for them!).

  4. Thank You!!! Going thru my fabric now. I also have a pretty piece of burlap that I might give a try with. Got me thinking about a piece of stain cotton that I might tea dye or use my distress stains on. Thanks so much for this tutorial and to Margie for asking.

  5. Thank you for sharing how to do this. I have been wanting your flowers for some time now. I cannot wait to go look through my current fabrics and go look for a few others…

  6. I am having a hard time finding cute coordinating fabric bundles for sale. Could you please post a link to your friends shop. I would definitely buy from her….thank you for your time….
    A beginner & lover of all things shabby..


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