O christmas Tree


After the huge relief of accomplishing 1 of my big projects that have to get done in the next 2 weeks…I decided to take a little break from work and deck the living room.

Here is the pic with a little photo effect…..

I’ll have to admit…this is not my usual volume of tree embellishing. I am finding though that less may actually be more.  This tree used to hold hundreds of red and gold and white ornaments, poinsettia swags, ribbon….the list goes on and on. This year I fell in love with a beautiful spool of wide ribbon at Costco and was so inspired by it’s simplicity. I gathered only white and silver decorations….and much fewer than usual. I am quite pleased by how it turned out. Keep in mind this tree is 9 feet tall and Ginny is 5 feet 2 inches so there was a lot of climbing up and down the ladder yikes.

If someone is with my dear Mother right now viewing this…could you please pick her up off the floor as I believe she just fell out of her chair in shock.

You can’t see the small feisty grey kitten under the last row of limbs. I purposely left out the bottom row to make kitten removal easier on my back. This actually had the unintended bonus of showing off nicely the beautiful wrought iron tree stand that is   normally hidden.

This is where I started decorating. We acquired this gimoungus wreath many years ago, and at the time thought it was pretty snazzy with the lights already on it. WRONG!!! It didn’t take long for the lights to stop working and when I went to take them off to replace them found that each light bulb was attached with nearly unbreakable plastic clip. ugh. After an hour of swearing and removing all but a small portion of skin from my knuckles I had the lights off….but had lost the decorating mojo…so we just had a wreath for over a week.

It did look quite cozy and nice with a fire going though : )

Here is a couple different close ups.  I think it turned out very simple and shabby.

Okay…I could go on playing with pics all day…but it’s Jane Day so I have to get ready to get to the shop : )

Hope you all have a wonderful crafty day!!!!


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  1. yoour tree is beautiful, and i’m sorry i’m not coming to day, i don;t think you want to mouth to mouth to keep me breating today.boo hoo next week for sure

  2. Gorgeous!! My pink tree is calling your name :0) I think it misses you :0)
    Love the white…and your wreath and fireplace look gorgeous!!

    Those that don’t know my BFF IRL…or been to her house at Christmas…this is REALLY toned down. She has Many beautiful trees!!

    Hugs from your BFF!!

    • Heather you goof…commenting on my plain tree. LOL Anyone who knows Heather irl knows she puts out way more beautiful trees than anyone I know. I’m sure she will post them soon and you can enjoy them by clicking on the link to the right and visit her blog. She has ton’s of fabulous Christmas projects. Very inspiring!!!!
      Huggs Back from your BFF!!!
      P.S.Tell the pink tree I miss it too : (

      • You Goof….I didn’t call your tree plain…it is gorgeous…OMG…now I got to actually decorate my trees….LOL…You are two funny….maybe if you are good Santa will bring you some Tofurky….LOL….LOL….LOL….LOL

        Hugs from your BFF!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, it is so beautiful!!! See that is why I needed you here yesterday with me so that I would have a gorgeous tree. You are right, I was very shocked at the simplicity of it all. It is just beautiful. I like your new approach. Are you putting more up?

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