Art Journal Smash Book


I’m very excited to share this project with you today as it’s my first art journal smash book! This is going to be a long post… grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and settle in for a while.

I should mention first that I have not yet tried a smash book for the reason that my poor little brain is very challenged to make things that are “random.” As any of my Peeps that work in the shop with me will attest that I usually choose all the elements to my projects then spend wayyyy too much time arranging and rearranging them to get them just right. Smash books by nature are much more freestyle. I am pretty happy with how it turned out in the end…even if it took me to work outside my comfort zone.

I started this book with a pre-made chipboard cover since I wanted it to be very sturdy. Next are layers of the awesome paper I just ordered in from Crate. I have to admit….I haven’t stocked this paper out yet…feeling the need to keep it for myself : ) Two very special vintage images from Graphics Fairy work to anchor the cover then I added the sentiment with white chipboard lettering.  The final few embellishments are some cut out butterflies, a small metal clock face and a tiny stamped tag.

Acrylic page with pretty stickers from Websters Pages. I love how you can see through to the other layers.

Back side of first page. The tree sticker from the back is a white silhouette. How cool is that???

This page is made from adhering two vintage styled flash cards together. I added a few rubons then a metal tab on the edge.

The craft paper envelope from Maya Road is a great neutralizer from the pattern overload. I dressed it very simply with just a small edge sticker and tab.

This fun page is exactly what it looks like….cardboard box with the outside peeled back! I just dry brushed it with a bit of white acrylic paint for a little added detail. Another Bingo card from Pink Paislee…this time cut out and glued to a post card image. I used patterned tape as embellishment here….it doesn’t actually hold the paper on but it is very cool.

This is a die cut paper elemt that’s from Lily Bee. I shared it between two pages then added a pretty little butterfly section and a few typed sentiment flags.

The base for this page is an ephemera piece from Glitz. A few…but not too many…layers here. More of that fun tape holds the die cut segment, a craft tag, sticker and sentiment flag.

Ledger sheet to make journaling a little easier.

Fun small page to give a glimpse of layers. I really love the rough edge from being torn from a small spiral notebook.

Simple on the back for more picture room.

These rubons are very bright and cheerful. This page is another of those giant tags I’ve been working with.

Yep….that’s more of my new favorite paper!!! I added the small tag a a page index.

Another small page…but this time I tied on a clock face tag with bakers twine.

Small section of a bingo card….shared with me from my dear friend Carol.  Can you tell I am lovin the pattern tape???? It’s from Pink Paislee. : )

These cardboard pages do add a nice bulk and sturdiness.

Last page had the paper with the scroll edge image…gotta like that!

Back of the book. I just love how the edges and tags stick out.

So that’s the first of many smash books. I had so much fun finding little treasures to add. What a great way to use ephemera packs too! This was a long post but if you can hang on just a tiny bit more… can see the out takes from this project.

I mentioned in a previous post that my D.H. Kenny has gifted me a set of studio lights to make my life easier by getting pictures of my projects at home where I can easily import them to Picasa and edit them or retake them if necessary. What a kind and generous and thoughtful gift.  In the real world practical application of these wonderful lights….I am experiencing an unexpected handicap.

Lily loves to get in on the action!

Small grey kitten again : )

Lola’s back side….yikes!!!!! A very scrappy looking tabby.

Uh huh.

Enough already Lily…you are totally hogging the camera. That is a nice profile of her though…don’t ya think?

It would seem that Scooter didn’t want to miss out on the action. I just love me some Scooter. My big fat fluffy marshmallow boy : ) This is truly the most snuggly cat ever. Weighing in at 20 pounds now….it’s like curling up with a big warm teddy bear : )

I’ll mention in closing that no smash books or hairy beasts were harmed in the making of this post! : )  Now get up and stretch your legs!!!!!


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