Boys Will Be Boys!!!!


Turns out to be a totally gloomy rainy fall day here in Michigan. Just the right weather to stay busy working on paper projects and watching re-runs on Netflix. I got all caught up on Warehouse 13. Woot Woot!!! Wish I had me some of those fun gadgets : ) Or better if I don’t…I seem to get into enough trouble without them LOL.

I worked all day on boy projects ( and watched my show.) The challenge with boy projects is that all the vintagy things I love to add doesn’t  really seam to go to well. Getting details with out glitter and lace is a tough job. I did have a selection of awesome papers and chipboard from Crate Paper though so it made a challenging job fun : )

I think this is such a great classic color combination for boys! The airplane and arrow are chipboard.

My oldest son used to call fire trucks -fire sharks when he was a toddler : ) I miss those days!!!! I added a fun bingo card from a larger sheet of tags.

I just love the blue and green on this card. Needless to say the theme was boys and their wheels….starting from a vintage 4 wheel wagon to an awesome classic hot rod race car!!! I may have gone a bit overboard on the chipboard on this one…man it’s heavy!

Okay I have to admit, this one is my favorite! I think because the car reminds me of the General Lee. My sister and I used to watch the Dukes of Hazard sitting in front of the tv and have  our dinner on tv trays with the short little legs. I don’t want to brag….but I also had the matching lunch box lol. If you are wondering about my fascination with that classic orange charger….I do drive a charger. Not a classic…and not orange. for now anyway…my newly driving son has his eyes on it yikes.

That’s enough boy projects for one day…tomorrow I break the glitter out again : )


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  1. My brother and I used to watch the Dukes of Hazard with our little dinner trays too! How funny! I loved those nights when we got to eat on our little trays in front of the tv!

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